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Status Updates posted by Lucybird

  1. Back to work tomorrow

  2. Can I please just not do this?

  3. Off to go see Jasper Ffordae soon *jumpity jumpity jumpity*

    1. Maureen
    2. angelofboox


      I'm jealous! I'm reading The Well of Lost Plots at the moment.

    3. shirleyz


      who's a lucky girl?? hope it went well :)

  4. Thank you for all my lovely birthday messages

  5. Has finished all the work for her NVQ :D

    1. Chrissy


      I just caught sight of this news! Well Done!

  6. look at me I'm a dinosaur

  7. Hia :) I couldn't remember if I said in your welcome thread but I love your username :)

  8. is not sure why she is still up...

  9. Is laughing at the conversation with the boyfriend (read my blog entry!)

  10. Someone make me get up so I can get to the post office before it closes

  11. The cat is trying to steal my seat!

  12. Cheers, I really do not know what is going on with it

  13. The psychologist in me does not like this NVQ question

  14. Done clearing out the bookshelves, still no sign of To Kill a Mockingbird :(

  15. Clearing out the bookshelves....I hate getting rid of books but surely I'll never read Sophie in the Saddle again?

    1. Lucybird


      does Louis de Berniere go under D or B?

  16. Yay new books are always awesome :) what have you got your hands on?

  17. You've read all the books in your library?! I can't even think what to say to that! Maybe you should just move to a bigger town :P

  18. Finally home 2 hours after leaving work

  19. Just took 45 minutes preparing a 15 minute meal...why does the phone only ring when I'm cooking?

  20. csnnot find her copy of To Kill a Mockingbird anywhere grrrr

  21. Back from Newcastle

  22. In that case I'm nosing back

  23. Might go and do some reading now

  24. Gets to see her boy tomorrow WOOOOOO!