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  1. yeah it was a picture book I read when I was younger, about two monsters that lived on different sides of a mountain. And they had an argument and started throwing boulders at each other, and the boulders knocked off the top of the mountain until they could see each other. Then theyb made up and were friends :)


    Yeah your profile picture remainds me of that :) and you should make an album

  2. aww they're cute, they remind me of the 2 monsters

  3. lol they look less sinister without the suits...but it's the long noses too

  4. I would actually like to be at work, but my sick note doesn't run out till mid march, and I couldn't cope with the job I had right now, or probably the one I want either.

  5. Hia,


    I'm alright, have the end of a cold which is just refusing to go away. My day's been lazy, I've just been reading and watching TV and online all day.


    How about you?

  6. I tried, red, blue and now green, not sure if it's any better than the original gray though really

  7. oh no! I hate it when things like that happen.

    I could try red, might be a bit bright, I suppose I could try a darker red...

    The other forum I use has this feature too and I've only just finished tweeking mine after several months! Really I need a clearer picture for that one but I like what I have a picture of, just not the quality

  8. Thanks :) I'm not sure about the writing at the top, but I don't know what other colour I could put it in that's more readable but doesn't spoil the look.

    I remember the film being in the cinema (must have been a good few years ago now) and wanting to see it but wanting to read the book first, which took me this long to actually do. Part of the reason why I gave up with waiting until I'd read the book

  9. Lol yes I do, especially when one is a difficult or sad read, I like something easier or more cheerful.

  10. It's ok. I actually like the excuse to put Rachel Ray aside. It's not bad exactly, just not engaging.

  11. Hia,


    I'm alright except for having a bit of a cold. How are you?