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  1. It still lingers but is better than it was so fingers crossed it will be completely gone soon. x

  2. That's good. I hope the new one isn't too bad, but even if it is I guess it's good long term.


    I'm not bad, still have the lingerings of my cold which I've jad for like a month now, but hopefully it will be completely gone soon. Have been tired cause of work too but I really like my job so I don't mind.



  3. Hia,


    How's your jaw? I haven't noticed you mention it in a while (having said that my online time has gone down since starting my new job so I may have just missed it)

  4. Hia,


    Haven't heard from you for a while. How are you?

  5. Thanks, it's another Kurt Hasley one like my last one. I'm hoping to get a print of it soon

  6. yay it's spreading! I'm glad she enjoyed it too :)

  7. My pleasure, I was watching alone for most of it so it was good to have people to chat with

  8. We had just heard when I messaged you, think I will go to bed though, I already stayed up longer than I intended

  9. lol. She just went into hospital I am so tempted to stay up now

  10. No because I want to get rid of this cold so I can actually go see her! I think my parents will though, my Dad is ironing and my Mum knitting just so they have things to do!

  11. Thanks, it's by the same artist as Lexie's :)

  12. I'm really liking it now. I found it started off quite slow but it had picked up by the time I was halfway through and now is getting exciting. I have a few theories too...or maybe anti theories...what would you call it when you think something didn't happen?


    Night night, have a good train journey

  13. Hia,


    I got the bookmark this morning, it was the same type. Thanks very much :D

  14. Happy Easter to you too :)

  15. It's the second time I'm reading it, I'm re-reading in the hope it will be better second time- it's not. Really isn't one of Picoult's best

  16. Hia. I'm not bad kind of tired but it's lovely and sunny so that makes me quite cheerful :) How are you?

  17. Heya! Happy Birthday! Hope you've had/are having a good day :)

  18. Thanks, I think it's a job I'll enjoy

  19. That sounds interesting. My chosen modules were Illness and disability, education (of course), addictive behaviours, and later life, plus my disertation of course

  20. Heya. We mainly studied different methods of learning and teaching and about educational difficulties and disabilities. Although we did study a bit about laws to do with education too. Hope that helped. What's adult transitions about?

  21. Hia. My degree is in psychology so when we did Educational Psychology we touched on some topics which would be studied with 'just' education. My interview is a nursery nurse position. Pretty low pay and stu7ff but I want to do my masters in ed. psych so need some experience first.. Thanks :) x

  22. Hi

    lol yes they do, I hadn't noticed that. How are you?

  23. :lol: it's quite amazing that they can
  24. lol no they don't anymore, I think it's just the suits! The others are just cute, not cute and sinister (if something can be both!)

  25. It's y David McKee, he did some really good kids books. You might have heard of Not Now Bernard?