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  1. I no longer have a physical TBR pile as I'd never have enough room in our house! I do however have what I feel is massive to me a Kindle/Goodreads TBR list, 176 are waiting to be read. Sadly I've only managed to read 8 so far! I somehow have to fit in 44 more by the end of the year.
  2. How do you arrange your books?

    I don't have all that many books (2 rows in a bookcase) but I have them organised by colour. I love seing a rainbow of books! It doesn't include any cookbook, coffee table books though.
  3. Apart from icky squished bugs I once found someoone had written in the margin in blue pen saying they thought the book was rubbish and went on insulting the author. I was so riled up after that! No right.. self entitled so and so!
  4. Haruki Murakami

    I read Kafka on the Shore earlier this year and still can't decide if I really liked it or not.. it was quite an odd one. It reminded me of a Studio Ghibli-esque film or one of those bizarre foreign movies you come across channel flicking at 1am on SBS.
  5. Are you the main reader in your life?

    I like to think I read a lot but I tend to go through phases of reading one book straight after the other and then needing a long break, having said that, between my partner and I, I am most definitely the main reader. My sister and mum however are always reading something.
  6. Happy Birthday PP. Have a lovely day. X

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      And thank you Chrissy!

  7. Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great one :)