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  1. I have returned!

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    2. ~Andrea~
    3. Pixie


      Welcome back. So have I.


    4. SueB


      I'm back too when time allows me too lol hope you are well Fi xxx

  2. 'ello Madwoman!!! So glad to see you back online lovely :)


  4. Will do, will send it by email so look out for it! I'm okay thanks, hope you're doing alright too :friends0:

  5. Hi hen, how are you? :) If you get the chance, could you re~send me your address, I have a wee something for you x

  6. Welcome back hen!, I missed you Fi, hope you are okay :D and loving your profile picture! ~ Wolfy rob!!! :D

  7. I'm great thanks. Finished all my uni work so now just relaxing and catching up with reading and everything that's been on hold for the past few weeks :) xx

  8. I thought we were too! I've completely lost track of who I'm friends with on any website now, too much like hard work :D I'm having a good week, my best friend is down to visit from Yorkshire and it's birthday celebrations for my dad & another friend on Saturday! How are you doing??? xxx

  9. :) Hello :) Thanks for the friend request, I could have sworn I was already friends with you but I lose track because of Facebook and Twitter etc. How are you? How has your week been so far? xx
  10. Hello my lovely!

    How ya doing?

    huge hugs xxxxxx

  11. Hope you are Ok mate.



  12. Hi Fi just wanted to thank you for the Neverwhere recommendation, I absolutely loved it.

  13. Hello there, how are you? I hope everything's fine and dandy with you :D

    I don't know if you've already noticed but the Rory Gilmore book group is thinking about reading something in March, quite possibly Rebecca, Wuthering Heights or The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and I thought I'd mention it to you in case you've missed it :)

  14. I see you're reading I, Lucifer by Glan Duncan. I read and enjoyed that one a few years back, so I'll be eagerly awaiting your thoughts on it. Happy reading! :)

  15. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Fi. I had a lovely day. :)