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    Through The Looking Glass, And What Alice Found There / The City And The City
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    Rawr often likes hot chocolate, miscellaneous musing, melodies, zombie massacres,
    things that meow, getting lost in forests,
    paint, books and staring at the sky amongst all else :-)
    Uhm what else...

    Bye bye everybody, I treasure the time I spent here and wonderful humans I got to know :-)
  1. no I may be poor but I still shower and fragrance myself every day.

  2. THOMAS! You're such a stinker. :P

  3. Oh wow new bcf confuses me x_x!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rawr


      I've been busy and bcf is a daunting battleground to wade into at times!

    3. Michelle


      It's not changed *that* much! What's causing you trouble?

    4. Rawr


      I was just a little lost and bedazzled by all the changing locations and costumes we have :-D

  4. I am hoping the apartment is awesomes for you and that you have been keeping well and the move went as smoothly as it could :D Now go bake some cakes and mark your territory and then fill the cupboards with muffins!

  5. That is awesome to hear :) I hope all goes well! xx

  6. Oh no! I hope you're alright! You had better take care of yourself or you'll be getting a swift smack upside the head from you know who ;)


    I'm off to check out my new apartment and fill out the paperwork for my new job. Be on in a bit if you're around and want to chat.


    Feel better, Tom xoxo

  7. Is there anything specific you can take for that? It must suck. I have abdominal strain for the last couple days due to not warming up and being p****d off before a work out LOL never a good combo. I just hope it isn't hernia. I don't want ice cream I am going to have soup or some awesomeness :lol:

  8. I can't eat. Stomach has been too upset, but thanks. It'll be fine. You go and find yourself some chocolate or ice cream!

  9. I am okay. I am sure you will do fine with the decisions, just do what needs to be done for Abby and nothing else :) Make sure to have food and lots of water and keep yourself very happy please :D

  10. Thanks, Tom. Its worse. Again... lots of big decisions. Eventually it'll be fine. :) How are you?

  11. I am sorry to hear that you had a rubbish day :( I kinda fell asleep due to not being able to rest on Weds night. I hope very much that today is better for you!

  12. Meh... its okay. How about you?

  13. How goes the eve for CaliLily?

  14. K noe I emm knot.

  15. R u rly a way on emm s en