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  1. Happy Birthday Kookie, I hope all is well and happy with you. X

  2. Ooh, only by 3 minutes or so! Happy birthday :)

  3. Happy birthday. :)

  4. I've lost my mojo :( if anybody finds it please chase it home to me!!

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    2. Kookie


      You may be right, must be the holiday season! lol

    3. Raven


      Soon, there will be lots of little Mojos!

    4. SueK


      Yep, mine has gone AWOL as well - maybe they all ran off together.

  5. Is still trying to figure out how to work the knew forum lol

  6. Pretty good. Just avoiding my chores and dinking around on the internet :) How about you?

  7. lol. So how are you?

  8. Thanks for the friend request Kookie :)

  9. lol i know what you mean :lol:

  10. I'm good, how are you? Is it still freezing? The temperature's come down a bit here but it's still cold. I was planning on reading this weekend but BCF is distracting me :lol:

  11. Howdy! So how are you today? :D

  12. Happy Birthday! :D

  13. :D yup same here. I know it was -11 out there:cold: