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  1. Visiting London Bookstores

    Hi guys I'm planning a trip to London for a week, and plan to spend a day just visiting different bookstores around the city. I've started doing some research and compiling a list... then it hit me that you guys would probably be a great resource. If it helps to know, I'd like to visit both some chains and independents, and I read mostly fiction novels. I'm also hoping to just visit some stores that maybe have a unique or special atmosphere, even if their book topics aren't things I buy all the time. Some of the ones I'm eyeing so far are... Daunt Books Clerkenwell Tales Waterstone's Stoke Newington Book Shop Any suggestions? Thanks so much! Beth
  2. Visiting London Bookstores

    Just wanted to update everyone that I made it to and from London safely! The book shoppes were fabulous - I have to say that I think my favorite was the new(ish?) Waterstones near Piccadilly. I mean honestly... it was pretty much heaven. I brought back a whole extra bag of books (husband's frequent flier status allowed for extra baggage), and even read a few books while I was in London! Totally a success. Thanks to everyone who helped out by giving me suggestions! I appreciate it!
  3. Visiting London Bookstores

    This is amazing, Vodkafan! Thank you so, so much! I'm more than happy to both split them up over multiple days (I'll be there about 5 days), and also happy to walk quite a bit... NYC living prepared me for lots of walking, so I'm good to go there. I appreciate you grouping these together for me - gives me a lay of the land, and a plan about how to break things up over a few different outings. Excited to make it to as many of these as I can!
  4. Visiting London Bookstores

    My trip IS soon! I'm compiling my list today to start building out my routes, so I came back to this thread for reference. I'll be leaving Friday, arriving Saturday. I think the bookstores I'm going to hit up for sure are in the following areas... Anyone know which may be good to group together, just in terms of proximity? Foyles - Charing Cross, SOHO Secondhand stores off from Charing Cross, towards Trafalgar Square (Cecil Court) Waterstones - Piccadilly Lutyens & Rubenstein - Notting Hill Daunt Books - Marylebone (seems like everyone suggestions this one as the best Daunt Books... is this accurate?) Primrose Hill Books
  5. Visiting London Bookstores

    This is awesome... Thanks, James. I will definitely visit Cecil Court!
  6. Visiting London Bookstores

    This is awesome - Thank you, guys! I HOPE I have to buy an extra suitcase or mail my large volume of books I find.
  7. Chesil, thank you so much for the birthday wishes! :) I really appreciate them, and hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. Ooshie, thank you so much! I hope you have a great day, too! :) Thanks for the well wishes on my birthday.

  9. Kylie, thank you so much! I hope you have a terrific day, too! :)

  10. Looking forward to a relaxing evening of 'The Bachelorette' and some knitting :)

  11. Excited for the weekend! :) Hoping to finish the final pages of my Wally Lamb read.

  12. So excited for the weekend! :)

    1. Nici


      Oooo what have you got planned?

  13. Hi Mac :)

    How are you? Things are good here! Work is really busy but good, just keeps me off the boards more than I'd like!

    How are things w/you?

  14. Hi Jane! :) How are you? Thanks for the message!

    Yes, I am doing fine over here... just so busy with work and family visiting and all kinds of hooplah. :) All fun stuff, but I miss BCF! I've still been reading as much as I can, so am about to update my lists on here, and start a new book. :)

    How are things going w/you?

  15. Hi there!

    I had some time before work so went ahead and started the thread for ATSS .. You can reply whenever you want so you can get your hands on it first, and hopefully the ring will follow from there :) I did specify that it was for the US book ring in the thread title, to avoid confusion.

    If you want to post your Year of Wonders book in a thread as well, I thought it'd be less confusing than coming from me.. That way it's clear that it's your book and it will eventually make its way back to its rightful owner. :)

    Let me know if you have any questions, or if you need me to fix anything in my first thread.. Going to be a bit trial and error for me, I'm sure. :) But exciting!!

    (sorry if this a double msg for you -- The PM function wouldn't work for me for some reason!)

  16. Ok, sounds good! Tell them to leave me a message on my wall or send me a PM if they're interested. :) Then you can join in when you have a few bucks to spare! Hope you're doing well and looking forward to spring.. almost here..!

  17. Hi there! (Happy late birthday is in order, I see, by the way :) )

    Just dropping in to let you know I got my hands on my first Erica Spindler book (Copycat.. the only one the Center for Fiction here had), and LOVED it. Both you and Charm had rec'd me to her, so thanks to you guys! I'll definitely be trying some of her others.. was a great read. :)

  18. Wanted to let you know I got my hands on my first Erica Spindler book.. loved it! I read "Copycat".. the only one the Center for Fiction here had in. :) I will DEFINITELY read some of her others soon.. especially the one you recommended for me first! Off to tell Lexie the same thing.. she said she loved her as well and seconded your nom. :)

  19. Hi Sarah!

    Sooo... I wanted to see if you still have any interest in starting up a US book ring? I'm back now and have quite a few books I could add in to the mix. If you're interested, I'm volunteering to help you with it and we can make a go of it together, team-style. :) Lemme know, chica! xoxo

  20. Haha!! :D DEFINITELY were the days! I needed her to focus on more off-topic things.. no amount of distraction would do it, though. ;) You guys were too strong for me.

  21. You're more than welcome! :) Hope you're setting in nicely around here.. Let me know if you need anything or have any questions!

  22. Hi there :) Glad to have you unravel the mystery of the girl in the avatar! She's quite cute. :)

    Things are going well over here, despite being a bit under the weather this past week -- I'm feeling better today finally! The job is great -- I have my first networking event here in NYC coming up this week. Wish me luck! ;)

    xoxo.. Hope you're well and had a fun day bookshopping!

  23. Hi Mac!

    How in the world are ya?

    The holidays were great.. Now it's back to reality! Were your holidays good? Did you have lots of time off work?

    Who is the girl in the picture of your avatar? Ignore my ignorance.. ;)

  24. Not too much, Chuck! (hah.. only SORTA rhymed. ;) )

    How are ya? Thanks for checking in on me! I've been all over the place -- I went to St. Louis, MO to pick up my kitty cat from a friend that kept him while we were overseas.. and I got the ojb I was interviewing for, and started work this past Monday! So far so good.. It's still in recruiting/staffing that I've been in for so long, so it's a good fit hopefully. :) All is well over here!

    How are things on your side, buddy?

  25. Oooh glad to hear that after all!! Nice! :) I'll check out your review.. Thanks for letting me know!