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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hey there.


    I'm sorry things are not brilliant for you at this time. I do know how it is, you're quite correct. Nothing in life ever seems easy or straightforward - it's them others, isn't it?!?


    I've started a new job, working in an inclusion unit in a mainstream secondary school. So far, so good, and I'm currently loving it - it's all new!


    I, too, am considering getting myself a cat. I believe that, should he be male, I'll call him 'Paul Newman'.


    I like the idea of being outside calling: "Paul Newman! Paul Newman! Come on Paul Newman, it's time to come in!" and making weird tight-mouthed sucking sounds at the same time.


    I wonder if I'm a little odd...:blush:


    I hope this finds you very well, my friend. PM me if you want a chat about stuff with an understanding near-total stranger. :friends0:

  3. Hi Mac


    I haven't been about for a while I have family troubles :roll: Ya know how it is.


    I note how much you rated the Wind Up Bird Chronicle. Should I be entirely honest, it is not my favourite Murakami - that is still After Dark. The Wild Sheep Chase and Dance Dance Dance are a joint second:mrgreen:.


    I'm shovelling the snow in every direction at the mo:roll:.


    However, just wanted to say I have a brand new kitten who I have called called Mackeral.


    Daft innit?

  4. Ahoy there. I'm just dropping by to see how you are. It's been a while since we last communicated. I hope you are well, my friend. Take good care.

  5. Thanks for your kind thoughts... and hugs. I'm sorry to have rambled ... particularly on the reading list thread; totally inappropriate :roll:. I have edited. I am thinking of writing a few thoughts and braving the writers corner.... we'll see.

    Stay safe and thanks again.

  6. Hey Charm, Thanks for your message. I'm feeling a little brighter now and edited the post. It is just so wearing having to sit around waiting for somebody to die, which is what we all seem to be doing. It's a sad fact that it comes to us all. I so want to go quickly... when I'm older obviously... but quickly, none of this sitting around having to be washed milarkey.

    Hope you and yours are keeping well.

  7. Sorry to hear that you're going through such a tough time. :friends0: We're all here if you need to talk. :friends0:

  8. Hey there. So sorry to hear about your sick relative, I really hope it all works out soon, it must be awful on you after last year :console: Take care and look after yourself too. Sending loads of hugs your way :friends0::friends0:

  9. Ahhhh. so this is how it's done.

    How ya doing?

    I have figured out how to change my avatar to a home grown pic too. What do you think? It's of a beach where I often take the dog for a walk. I haven't been for a while as it is where they were filming the Shell House scene in the new HP movie and currently they are filming a scene for the new Robin Hood with Russell Crowe. I imagine it wil be pretty busy around there at the mo but normally it is very quiet. Mostly, particularly off season, it is just me and the dog. bliss.

    You have given me some great reads.... thank you.

  10. Lady, you keep replying to me on your own message board! That's why I don't get back to you sooner! If you click on my name, it'll send you to my message board.


    I love Wales. I love the coastline. I love the sea. I love walking in the hills (I do this a lot). I believe there is little better than being in the middle of nature and all it's beauty. It does something to my heart when I'm out there, all alone, soaking it in. It feels...like life! Does that make any sense at all??? :lol:


    I hope you're most excellent and well. :friends0:

  11. Actually maybe Suggs did!!!! - when he went to school in our county town for about a year back in the 70s. Heavens...... grasping at a very long straw there me thinks.


    Wales is wonderful. Pembrokeshire comes into it's own when the sun shines. We have a fab coastline and I spend many hours watching the tide come in and out.


    Simple things.

  12. I thought I would scoot by and say a big hello to you. It certainly beats talking to oneself, doesn't it!


    How are things over in Wales, lady?


    To be honest, I thought that the first sign of Madness was Suggs strolling up your drive...

  13. oh dear....... first sign of madness and all that...


    I used to talk to myself more often but then I got the dog and now whenever anybody catches me and says 'pardon? did you say something?' I simply tell them that I am talking to the dog. I even answer myself on behalf of the dog and for some reason people don't find that quite so crazy as my answering myself.


    I've just re read that and I think I had better just shut up now.

  14. Why on earth would you want to post on your own profile??? :lol::lol: Thats like talking to yourself! :lol: Mind you .... I do that a lot :giggle:

  15. Hey.... yes I can!!!


    Learning to be a computer person takes time everybody.......... have patience with me please. You would never think I useone every day for work would you?