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  1. What's the weather like?

    Think it's pretty much all over - didn't last long, maybe an hour. It did make the windows rattle, have never heard them rattle before!!
  2. What's the weather like?

    We've been upgraded to a red wind warning in my county for tonight! The humidity is mean to my hair too
  3. What's the weather like?

    Lots of rain here too today. Apparently a storm is going to be hitting us later? Orange warnings for most of the western counties in the country, yellow warnings for the rest of them. Strong winds and rain. Very autumnal weather for us - it's been a bizzare summer though. Yesterday was roasting and beautiful again, and today it's like it was two days ago - endless rain! Really don't know from one day to the next what we'll get.
  4. Recently finished The Flight by Julie Clark, which was pretty good but suffered from paying better attention to the development of one of the two main characters over the other. Now reading The Other Passenger by Louise Candlish - I've read one or two by her before and enjoyed them, and am really enjoying this one so far. She's really good at making characters feel like actual people. And interesting ones, at that!
  5. The Gaming Box

    I've been playing a lot of games lately as its a relatively mindless way to pass an evening when I haven't the energy for much else. I played Final Fantasy VII Remake (part 1 anyway), and it was really good. Modernized in terms of gameplay, completely overhauled in terms of graphics, but still true to the heart of the original game. Remake isn't really a good title, it's more of a reimagining. I've also been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 (for the second time), Ark Survival Evolved (occasionally, kind of a dip in and out game), and the PS4 remake of a childhood favourite - Medievil. Its had a graphics overhaul too, and looks decent. The controls are as annoying as they ever were and it's still a fairly challenging game, as it was when it was released. Personally, I like that it retains the difficulty and fiddliness of the original game, as to take that away would make it a cake walk.
  6. I really enjoyed this book. I've read a few by her and find her a bit hit or miss, but this was a good'un.
  7. How many books have you read this year?

    I've only read 37 this year - I don't do a huge amount of reading anymore. When I have the time and energy I do, and I go through bursts of it, but I just have so much on lately that the last couple years haven't been big reading ones for me.
  8. The Last Film You Saw - 2020

    Partner is watching Species, so half watching that. Gotta love 80s/90s Sci-Fi cheese!
  9. Picard

    I haven't watched it yet, because I've never really liked anything Star Trek related since Voyager, but I really wanted this to be great. Can't say the comments here are making me rush to watch it. But I do have Amazon Prime so I will at some stage.
  10. What's the weather like?

    Its finally starting to cool a little here I think, but I still have the windows wide up at 9:37pm to try keep the house fresh! Its been raining all day, which I think cooled the air a bit. Before that, I literally couldn't leave the house for like a week. It's so humid and swampy, the two times I've gone out I wound up feeling very unwell. Not cut out for humid summers at all! Can't wait for Autumn and then Winter.
  11. What Are You Wearing Today?

    We used to have a thread like this some years back, not sure where it went, and I used to love posting all about my Primark outfits in it! Whether it's day to day clothes, work clothes, an occasional pop in to tell us about a new dress or smart suit you're wearing out tonight, the results of today's shopping trip, annoyance at wearing wellies in the middle of August - whatever is it, do come tell me about it! This was totally inspired by (yet another) shopping trip I went on over the weekend. I need to stop, but yay new clothes! Today I am wearing a black string top over a patterned woolly grey skirt (the skirt is new, I LOVE IT!), black tights and cardigan, and ankle boots. 100% Penneys/Primark sourced Bit of a wintry look but hey the summer has a bit of a wintry look about it this year!
  12. Noll's Reading Log 2017

    2015 Reading Log 2016 Reading Log *** Green is read Yellow is in progress Grey is upcoming soon Red is abandoned (ICC) is Irish Counties Challenge *** Rating System (from Goodreads) 1/5 - Didn't like it 2/5 - It was okay 3/5 - Liked it 4/5 - Loved it 5/5 - It was amazing *** 1. Ragdoll - Daniel Cole 4/5 2. Dear Amy - Helen Callaghan 3/5 3. Good Me Bad Me - Ali Land 4/5 4. The Last Days of Jack Sparks - Jason Arnopp 5/5 5. Some Will Not Sleep - Adam Nevill 4/5 6. The Inferior - Peadar O'Guilín 3/5 7. Before I Let You In - Jenny Blackhurst 2/5 8. My Name is Leon - Kit De Waal 3/5 9. Behind Her Eyes - Sarah Pinborough 2/5 10. The Last Good Day of the Year - Jessica Warman 3/5 11. You - Caroline Kepnes 3/5 12. Coffin Road - Peter May 4/5 13. The Blackhouse - Peter May 4/5 14. The Silent Twin - Caroline Mitchell 3/5 15. Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn 4/5 16. The Secret of Nightingale Wood - Lucy Strange 4/5 17. The Shuddering - Ania Ahlborn 3/5 18. Seed - Ania Ahlborn 3/5 19. The Breakdown - B. A. Paris 3/5 20. The Girl Before - J. P. Delaney 2/5 21. Stranded - Bracken McLeod 2/5 22. Universal Harvester - John Darnielle 3/5 23. The Roanoke Girls - Amy Engel 3/5 24. The People At Number 9 - Felicity Everett 2/5 25. Tattletale - Sarah J. Naughton 4/5 26. Annihilation - Jeff VanderMeer 3/5 27. Good As Gone - Amy Gentry 3/5 28. Girl Number One - Jane Holland 2/5 29. Lock The Door - Jane Holland 3/5 30. Ararat - Christopher Golden 3/5 31. Sometimes I Lie - Alice Feeney 3/5 32. Her Husband's Lover - Julia Crouch 3/5 33. The Other Side of the Wall - Andrea Mara 4/5 34. For Reasons Unknown - Michael Wood 4/5 35. Dont' Wake Up - Liz Lawler 2/5 36. Last Days - Adam Nevill 3/5 37. Outside Looking In - Michael Wood 4/5 38. Gone Astray - Michelle Davies 4/5 39. 14 - Peter Clines 4/5 40. Exquisite - Sarah Stovell 3/5 41. He Said, She Said - Erin Kelly 4/5 42. Irregular Creatures - Chuck Wendig 3/5 43. Nothing on Earth - Conor O'Callaghan 4/5 (ICC) 44. The Slap - Christos Tsiolkas 3/5 45. The Escape - C. L. Taylor 3/5 46. How I Lost You - Jenny Blackhurst 4/5 47. Pretty Girls - Karin Slaughter 3/5 48. A Room Full of Killers - Michael Woods 3/5 49. Under The Hawthorn Tree - Marita Conlon-McKenna 4/5 (ICC) 50. The Burning - Jane Casey 4/5 51. Harbour - John Ajvide Lindqvist 3/5 52. Last Seen Alive - Claire Douglas 4/5 53. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - Gail Honeyman 3/5 54. The Iron Man - Ted Hughes 4/5 55. Silent Scream - Angela Marsons 3/5 56. Tall Oaks - Chris Whittacker 2/5 57. The Reckoning - Jane Casey 3/5 58. The Loneliest Girl In The Universe - Lauren James 3/5 59. Evil Games - Angela Marsons 4/5 60. Lies - T. M. Logan 3/5 61. Don't Close Your Eyes - Holly Seddon 3/5 62. Local Girl Missing - Claire Douglas 3/5 63. Copycat - Alex Lake 3/5 64. Together - Julie Cohen 2/5 65. Bird Box - Josh Malerman (reread) 4/5 66. Penpal - Dathan Auerbach (re-read) 3/5 (down from 5/5) 67. I Found You - Lisa Jewell 5/5 68. The House We Grew Up In - Lisa Jewell 3/5 69. The Girls in the Garden - Lisa Jewell 4/5 70. Lost Girls - Angela Marsons 71. Through the Woods - Emily Carroll 72. The Gigantic Beard that was Evil - Stephen Carroll 73. Wrong Place - Michelle Davies 74. The Last Girl - Jane Casey 75. Deadpool Classic Vol 2 - Joe Kelly 76. Play Dead - Angela Marsons 77. Try Not To Breathe - Holly Seddon 78. Last Bird Singing - Jane Holland 79. The Kill - Jane Casey 80. The Foster Child - Jenny Blackhurst 81. The Accident - C. L. Taylor 82. After The Fire - Jane Casey Total read: 82/75
  13. What's the weather like?

    My poor plants are drowned now, can't win!
  14. Your Book Activity - September 2017

    An Amazon pre-order arrived today: Ciara's Diary 1999-2002: Sense and Shiftability. Ciara's Diary is a segment on a radio show I love (Chris and Ciara) and is made up of said Ciara reading entries from her teenage self, just before, and while attending, college. It's hilarious. Very relatable to Irish people from the same generation. Now she's published the whole set in this book, which I cannot wait to read!
  15. Top 5 (or 10) Wednesday

    I'm afraid my two favourite bromances are not from books - Miguel and Tulio in The Road To El Dorado and Merlin and Arthur in BBC's Merlin!
  16. Frankie reads 2017

    Hey, nothing wrong with everything being perfect, Frankie! Everyone deserves to luck out with things from time to time. Shame about the smoke smell, though, hope you get rid of it!
  17. Your Book Activity - September 2017

    Finished Eleanor Oliphant. My opinion remains the same - quirky oddballs as a source of amusement to readers doesn't sit well with me. But yay, Raymond. Lovely, lovely Raymond. Also read The Iron Man, by Ted Hughes, which I had never read before despite my absolute love of the film based on it. My OH whipped out the book during a chat about the movie, which he also loves! It's.... very different, and very odd, but I liked it. Also nearly finished Silent Scream by Angela Marsons. I dislike the main character, but I'm developing sympathy which is making her tolerable. Also, the 'whodunnit' element is very obvious. Otherwise, a very enjoyable book.
  18. What's the weather like?

    15C so cool enough and fresh. Totally overcast, it may well rain. We had weather warnings for rain over the weekend in 14 counties, heavy rain and flooding.
  19. John Green books

    The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a web series
  20. Read-a-thon - 2017

    Ah sugar, I would have taken part. Didn't even think of it. Well, I finished Eleanor Oliphant, think I read maybe a third of it since Friday, I read The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and I'm 80% of the way through Silent Scream by Angela Marsons. So I'm doing pretty well.
  21. This is similar to the English Counties and US States challenges, wherein I read at least one contemporary novel by an author born or raised in each of the 32 Irish counties. I'm including Northern Ireland because it has a significant attachment to the Republic, even if it is a separate entity. My secondary goal is to read all of the books on this list. Guidelines All included works are preferably novels written after 1950. Failing that, short story collections from a similar time period. They may be set in older time periods, e.g. during the famine. (This is just personal preference for categories on my part.) All authors were either born in, or raised in, the county they are associated with. For many authors, this means they are associated with more than one county. In most cases I choose authors born in a county, but if I am lacking choice I will choose an author raised in that county. Each author will only be listed once. In instances where I have read multiple books by one listed author, I will name my favourite. *** Green is read Yellow is owned Grey is not yet acquired (A) The book has won an award *** Munster (3/6) Clare - ["Pretending" - Caroline Williams] ["The Country Girls" or "The Little Red Chairs" - Edna O'Brien] Cork - ["Only Ever Yours"(A) - Louise O'Neill] ["Spill Simmer Falter Wither"(A) - Sara Baume] ["The Story of Lucy Gault" - William Trevor] ["To School Through The Fields" - Alice Taylor] ["Distress Signals" - Catherine Ryan Howard] Kerry - ["The Last Days Of Rabbit Hayes" - Anna McPartlin] ["The Bodhrán Makers" - John B. Keane] ["Trouble in the Glen" - Maurice Walsh] Limerick - ["Watermelon" or "Rachel's Holiday" - Marian Keyes] ["City of Bohane" or "Beatlebone" - Kevin Barry] Tipperary - ["The Thing About December" or "The Spinning Heart" - Donal Ryan] ["One Day As A Tiger" - Anne Haverty] Waterford - ["After the Rising" - Orna Ross] ["The Sea & The Silence" - Peter Cunningham] Connacht (1/5) Galway - ["The Guards" - Ken Bruen] ["The China Factory" or "Academy Street" - Mary Costello] ["The Woman on the Bus" - Pauline McLynn] ["The Glorious Heresies" - Lisa McInerney] ["The Island of Ghosts" - Eilis Dillon] ["Rain on the Wind" - Walter Macken] Leitrim - [Undecided - John McGahern] Mayo - ["Young Skins: Stories" or "Castaway" - Colin Barrett] ["Nineteen Acres" - John Healy] ["Solar Bones" - Mike McCormack] Roscommon - ["The Deposition of Father McGreevy" - Brian O'Doherty] ["Death and Plenty" - Brian Leyden] Sligo - ["Mistaken"(A) - Neil Jordan] ["A Girl Is A Half-Formed Thing" - Eimear McBride] ["Echoes of a Savage Land" - Joe McGowan] Leinster (7/12) Carlow - ["Thy Tears Might Cease" - Michael Farrell] ["Moon Man" - David Donohue] Dublin - [undecided - John Boyne] ["The Green Road"(A) or "The Gathering"(A) - Anne Enright] ["The Dirty Dust" - Máirtín O Cadhain] ["The Star of the Sea" - Joseph O'Connor] ["Thirteen Ways of Looking" or "TransAtlantic" or "Dancer"(A) - Colum McCann] ["Four Letters of Love" - Niall Williams] ["At Swim, Two Boys" - Jamie O'Neill] ["Under the Hawthorne Tree - Marita Conlon-McKenna] Kildare - ["Good Behaviour" - Molly Keane] ["Langrishe, Go Down" - Aidan Higgins] ["The Herbalist"(A) - Niamh Boyce] Kilkenny - ["The Big Chapel" - Thomas Kilroy] Laois - ["Seeds of Doubt" - James Ryan] Longford - ["Solace"(A) and "Tender" - Belinda McKeon] ["Sisters and Lies" - Bernice Barrington] ["In the Wake of the Bagger" - Jack Harte] Louth - ["The Magical Mystical, Marvelous Coat" - Catherine Ann Cullen] ["Nothing on Earth" - Conor O'Callaghan] Meath - ["The Hidden Damage" - James Stern] ["Hunters" - Aoife Marie Sheridan] Offaly - ["The Lie of the Land" - P. J. Cunningham] Westmeath - ["Long Time, No See" - Dermot Healy] ["Damage" - Josephine Hart] ["Under The Eye of the Clock" - Christopher Nolan] Wexford - ["The Guns Of Easter" - Gerard Whelan] [Undecided - Colm Toíbín] ["Beyond Belief" - Colm O'Gorman] ["The Book of Evidence" or "Christine Falls" (as Benjamin Black) - John Banville] ["The Convinctions of John Delahunt" - Andrew Hughes] ["Airman" - Eoin Colfer] ["Tumblin' Down" - Billy Roche] ["Every Time a Bell Rings" - Carmel Harrington] Wicklow - ["Foster" - Claire Keegan] Ulster (5/9) Antrim - ["Time Present and Time Past" - Deirdre Madden] ["Cal" - Bernard MacLaverty] Armagh - ["Snapshots" - Jarlath Gregory] ["The Twelve" - Stuart Neville] Cavan - ["Bird in the Snow" or "Staring at Lakes"(A) - Michael Harding] Derry - ["The Misremembered Man" or "My Mother Wore a Yellow Dress" - Christina McKenna] ["Borderlands" - Brian McGilloway] ["Reading in the Dark" - Seamus Deane] Donegal - ["Fox" - Matthew Sweeney] ["Bogmail" - Patrick McGinley] ["Lament in the Wind" - Hazel McIntyre] ["The Last of the Name" - Charles McGlinchey] ["The Black Snow" - Paul Lynch] ["The Call" - Peadar O'Guilín] Down - ["A Parachute in the Lime Tree" - Annemarie Neary] ["Mystery Man" - Colin Bateman] ["An Irish Country Doctor" - Patrick Taylor] ["Resurrection Man" - Eoin McNamee] Fermanagh - ["The Little Hammer" or "From Out of the City" - John Kelly] Monaghan - ["The Talk of the Town" - Ardal O'Hanlon] ["The Butcher Boy" or "Winterwood"(A) or "Breakfast on Pluto" - Patrick McCabe] ["Call My Brother Back" - Michael McLaverty] ["Death and Nightingales" - Eugene McCabe] Tyrone - ["The House Where it Happened" and "About Sisterland" - Martina Devlin] ["Singing Bird" - Roisin McAuley] ["The Third Policeman" - Flann O'Brien] ["Over Nine Waves: A Book of Irish Myths" - Marie Heaney] Total counties: 16/32 Total books: 20
  22. Noll's Reading Log 2017

    I've read another 6 books since my last update, not sure if I'll review them all but I'll definitely write something for a few of them. Also, I've read another Irish Counties Challenge book, which is the first this year, I think. Must read more, but happy I've done one. I'm not sure if the author is from Down or Louth, as different sources say he's from Newry but was born in Dundalk. So I'm guessing he grew up in Newry, and am counting him as Dundalk (Louth) because he was born there (and my options for Louth are slim!). It was a really good book too, one I'll definitely be writing a review for.
  23. Your Book Activity - August 2017

    I finished The Escape by C. L. Taylor. It wasn't as good as The Missing, but I still enjoyed it. Also read How I Lost You by Jenny Blackhurst. Really enjoyed this one, more than the other one I've read by her (Before I Let You In). I've started Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter, and am about 70 pages in. It made me realize how many British thrillers I read, because this one being set in America seems really weird to me now! I do prefer my British thrillers (or Irish ones!), they seem a bit more 'real' to me, as I am more familiar with my neighboring countries and the cultures I suppose. I am enjoying Pretty Girls, though.
  24. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    Watched Project Almanac yesterday on Netflix. It kind of got slated when it came out, but I enjoyed it. There were one or two elements I didn't really like, but overall it was like a cross between Chronicle and Primer geared towards teenagers.
  25. Read-a-thon - 2017

    I didn't do my totals on Sunday, so here they are. I included Thursday simply because I read almost an entire (187 page) short book that day and wanted to count it! Thursday: Nothing on Earth - Conor O'Callaghan 161 pages (finished) Friday: The Escape - C. L. Taylor 280 pages Saturday: The Escape C. L. Taylor 153 pages (finished) The Slap - Christos Tsiolkas 177 pages (finished) How I Lost You - Jenny Blackhurst 140 pages Sunday: How I Lost You - Jenny Blackhurst 212 pages (finished) Pretty Girls - Karin Slaughter 40 pages Total: 1163 pages across five books. Definitely the most reading I've done in ages and the best read-a-thon since sometime last year. Very happy with that