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Hello! I'm Noll. I'm a frequently-sleep-deprived adult-in-denial. I spend most of my time reading, watching BBC series, playing video games, drawing Disney cartoons, cuddling the family dog, and listening to Taylor Swift very loudly. I'm pretty passionate about all of the above things, except maybe Taylor Swift, my fandom of whom I am also in denial about. I also love travelling, but I don't get to do that so much, and in fairness, where I live (Cork, Ireland), for all its flaws, ain't half bad.


When I do adult, between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30 Monday to Friday, I am an I.T minion for hire, and am currently temporarily employed by the very university from which I obtained my degree (not in I.T.). I love what I do, which is mainly help look after the uni's website in a variety of ways, and more than that, I love working in the university and hope to eventually get a permanent, admin-y position there.