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  1. Hiya! Just that, really...


    Hope you're very well. x

  2. Hi there, have been working away and have'nt had chance to log on. How are you? hoping to get on more now i'm back home. x

  3. Hey kate. Just wanted to say 'Hope you've had a wonderfull day full of happy memories. Congratulations.

    p.s Have you recieved my letter?

  4. Both the radio I and the TV series are wonderful. Avoid the film, though. I have the first two radio shows on my computer, and I love re-listening to it - especially when I'm going to bed. It's quite soporific.


    Enjoy your evening.

  5. Thanks Mac. I'm loving Douglas Adams. He is so funny. I'm thinking, that after i've finished reading his work, i'm going to try to get hold of a copy of the radio and tv series. I honestly can't remeber laughing so much at any other book.


    My abstainense from alcofrol ('hic') isn't going according to plan! I'm not going mad or anything. It's just people keep drinking beer and read wine around me and i always want a glass!


    Hope your well.

  6. How's life without the demon drink, Jewell? I'm sat here on me laptop waiting for the chiken to marinate with a nice, big glass of Rioja by my side. Ahhhh, bliss.


    I note you're reading The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Douglas Adams has a lot to answer for regarding my formative years. Some of my earliest memories are of listening to Hitchhikers on the wireless with my Dad, shortly before he cleared off. Then reading the books, loving the TV show, all that jazz. I think the guy was a genius. I hope you're enjoying it.


    Have a great evening.

  7. Thanks very much Jewell :friends0: I love your avatar!

  8. Hi Kylie just thought i'd send you a personal hope you are feeling a bit better. Take care.

  9. And you end up reading the same bit over and over. The book I am reading at the mo is a bookring so don't want to hang on to it too long though, she says sitting here not reading it!!

  10. As long as you enjoy it what you read, i don't think you should think you have to read it faster.

    I know what you mean though, about reading in bed. Sometimes it's a real struggle to get to the end of a chapter before i fall asleep!

  11. Oh dear .... sorry to hear this month has been tough. Hope you have managed to read lots of good books though. I just can't seem to read very quickly at the moment. I always promise myself thatI will try and read a little of of the current book during the day rather than just trying to read in bed. Inevitably I only get a few pages read and fall asleep. Wish I was more like my hubby and can read with noise going on around him, like the tellly. I prefer to have peace and quiet to concentrate.

  12. I know. I was just thinking that about summer myself. It's dark and miserable here too.

    I'm not to bad thanks. I've had a difficult month. But my love of reading and movies has saved me as i have just sunk into them. My hero's!

  13. Thank you ...it is cute isn't it. Penguins have been my favourites for years. How have you been? I am sat here looking out my window at the almost sleet like rain it is so heavy at the moment. Yuck Has summer disappeared!

  14. Hey Inver. Love you Avatar. Hope you are well.