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  1. Your Book Activity - June 2022

    I loved Whispers Underground, muggle not. I hope you enjoy it too. Very little reading taking place here, but I am just going with the flow of it. Been very busy, and when I have found time to sit for a while, I have not found my mojo to be awake. It will return, no doubt.
  2. Your Book Activity - June 2022

    Haven't been reading much, as we were away (properly and for 4 nights!), and I was too tired in the evening to read. I have come home with a few guide books and a photo of a book my son had that I would love to have, Signs & Symbols Source Book. I have spent the past few days catching up with myself, so hope to be reading some more of the delightful Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie
  3. I Miss...

    I have been absent too often from the forum, despite feeling my heart ache at the thought of losing it. Sometimes socially communicating is somewhat beyond me, but it really is a case of use it or lose it for us all. I will have a proper think, and maybe a rummage on some of the old threads, and remind myself of some of the chattier threads and their subjects. I know we had a 'what are you up to' style thread, as a general chatter thread which was a nice way of staying in touch so that it didn't over flood the book activity thread. Oh, and the BGO arrivals, plus others? - I LOVE that you are here!
  4. Your Book Activity - June 2022

    Poppy and muggle not recommended Alan Bradley's Flavia De Luce series to me, just as I was seeking a read-alongside book to accompany my slow reading of Anthony Burgess' Earthly Powers. Five Chapters in and I am loving it! the character of Flavia is an utter delight. I think the Burgess re read will be taking me a bit longer than I initially planned.
  5. 2021 Updates and Improvements

    I am sorry to read that megustaleer.
  6. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    Kudz, I love that you start by saying you don't collect anything, and then realise that you do. I am completely the same with notebooks and pens to the degree that I CANNOT let myself buy any more notebooks as I am running out of room. (Pens take up less room, so......) Paper and book related things go together well with reading I think. Lunababymoonchild's suggestion of sudoku I can give a rousing "I second that!" as an anxiety buster, and can also recommend suguru puzzles. I find them both really calming to do, and there's lots of download & print ones available for free online. Although I can knit and crochet (very badly), if I want to watch tv and do things I stick with crocheting, as when I knit I can't take my eyes off of the needles without things chaotically unravelling.
  7. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    Well, I can't ignore a double recommendation, can I? I took a wander over to Amazon to see what a'kindling books they had, and discovered I bought The Sweetness At The Bottom of The Pie way back in 2015! (Probably having heard about it on here!) So, it looks like I haver found my 'alongside' novel. Thank you both.
  8. Together Forever - Rick Astley
  9. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    I am quietly and slowly reading a chapter or two every day of Anthony Burgess' Earthly Powers. A need for something a little lighter is growing in me, so I may do something I haven't done in years, and have more than one fiction book on the go. I just have to decide which one. Switching between a reference book and a novel I do quite regularly, and in fact have just started reading a city guide for Chester. More than one novel can take a little contemplating.
  10. Quotes on backs of books

    I have always known it as book blurb , along with the brief synopsis and the 'from the author of..' or the 'If you enjoyed...you will love this' bits. There likely is a proper term for it all though.
  11. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    After a few months of at best, sluggish reading, I sped through William Boyd's Brazzaville Beach. I first read the book many years ago (20+?), and many aspects of it has stayed with me over the years. I got so much enjoyment from reading it again. So hard to describe, but an excellent read. On the back of such a successful re read, I have decided to start Anthony Burgess' Earthly Powers. Another book that left its mark on me many years ago.
  12. Muggle Not's Reading - 2022

    muggle not, I do enjoy Raymond Chandler. I find it easy to settle into his books, and his descriptive turn of phrase is truly wonderful at times. You enjoyed the first Rivers of London novel? I'm so glad. I have really enjoyed them. I will be interested to 'hear' your thoughts on them as you read on.
  13. Detective novels recommendation!

    If you enjoy detective set in the early decades of 1900, then I can recommend Dorothy L Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey series. They are very much of their time, with class barriers, occupations and the formal education of women among other aspects well captured.
  14. I worked my way through a lot of Enid Blighton's books. Like many, I started with Noddy, and then moved on to such series asThe Famous Five and The Secret Seven, The Five Finder-Outers (and dog), Malory Towers and St Clares,
  15. Pride (In The Name Of Love) - U2
  16. Invisible Girl - Lisa Jewell
  17. Cripes, Hayley you tend to get things all happening at once. I hope your feet stayed safe through this batch of misfortune! Your poor neighbours. A car crashing into your house is not something many have to worry about.
  18. In which case, I will bring forward my next recommendation for you. Read on with the Todhunter Moon series, set in the same world.
  19. I read a book! The latest Time Police book by Jodi Taylor, Saving Time. Full of humour, action and the continuation of an intriguing story arc. There has been no more reading since then, but that's through lack of proper opportunity rather than inclination.
  20. Oh my goodness Hayley! My response, in order; dammit, oh no, ouchy and ouchy. Aww, pretty and yum. P.S. So glad you have been enjoying the Septimus series.
  21. William Blake

    I found this one on UK Amazon. It wasn't easy to find for some reason, despite using the search function to look for it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Auguries-Innocence-Other-Lyric-Poems/dp/1495380874
  22. March has arrived. What are you reading? I have started Hard Time, by Jodi Taylor. This is her second book in her Time Police series. I am taking it slow, so as not to spook my rather timid reading mojo.
  23. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    You are very welcome. I remember you posting the photograph, but hadn't realised that I had not commented at the time. So it is a belated "Wow, that is fab!"
  24. We enjoyed 10 hours of a power cut on Friday, followed by a 5 hour electricity free afternoon on Saturday. Aside from some meaningful, laughter filled and relaxing chats and the playing of board games, by torch and candlelight I read my way through the rather wonderful Cassandra Darke by Posy Simmonds, as recommended by Andrea. A graphic novel, this murder mystery of sorts was pithy, engaging and just what my poor beleaguered reading mojo has been looking for. I have already started on Gemma Bovery, another GN book by the same author. This reader's block may just be passing! < I'll say this quietly, so as not to jinx anything.
  25. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    lunababymoonchild, the Snaggletooth blanket is gorgeous. The colours work so well together. Poppy, Love your Copenhagen inspired blanket. Such warm colours, and it really does capture the colours and shapes.