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  1. Sorry I don't get to the forum as much as I'd like to, to read the threads, but I'm still a member and like to visit now and then. I'll be back LOL.

    P.S: I subscribed to a lot of useful threads in the past but these seem to have disappeared, hopefully I'll discover them somewhere.

  2. I've got Dumfries Half Marathon this Sunday, then a well earned week off. It's been a busy Summer with the running club. I bought some great Running books but have only got round to reading one of them so far.

  3. thanks lovely people

  4. From Last To First by Charlie Spedding charliespedding.com , I haven't got my hands on a copy yet, but readers are saying good things about it.

  5. cheers runner, enjoy your run and all those feel good endorphins.

  6. Thanks Mac, fingers crossed it's taken the way it was meant, cheers

  7. Wow, very unexpected and very nice, thanks :):):)

  8. Haha no not revenge just money.

  9. Hiya, I'm great thanks. You sent that message 90 minutes ago but i only just noticed, I think it should light up or something to get our attention. I see you're reading The Secret Shopper's Revenge, is it any good? I actualy signed up to be a secret shopper a couple of months ago but haven't done any secret shops yet.

  10. Hiya D,

    catching up on 5,000 unread posts, lol. hope all is well, enjoyed the Burns threads.

  11. Thanks Charm, yes thanks, I think I'm getting addicted haha.