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  1. Thanks for the birthday wish!!

  2. I'm excited to start The Night Circus! Birthday gift from my boyfriend. He rocks!

  3. thanks for the birthday wish!!

  4. Fixing up the book blog can be time consuming! I've spent all afternoon doing little touch ups here and there!

  5. I wish it would stop raining. My day off, and I'm stuck indoors :(

  6. hey :D welcome to the forums!

  7. This heat is brutal. I wish summer would be over!

    1. Univerze


      Trade me? I wish summer wouldn't have ended, it's coldish again here, only 17-20 degrees. :(

    2. whitegold


      I will definitely trade! We're up to the 40s right now (celsius). Its soo hot, especially with this damn humidity! lol

  8. haven't slept, and I have to go to work soon. Going to be interesting!

  9. I finished the Boleyn Inheritance and loved loved looved it! I must pick up the other books asap!

  10. Thanks! I'm looking forward to reading more from Philippa Gregory. I'm about 3/4's of the way in to The Boleyn Inheritance and loving it!

  11. hey thanks! so far I'm really enjoying it. I absolutely loved The Other Boleyn Girl and this one is right up there with it! Is there a specific order in reading these books?

  12. I never noticed this message section. Thanks for the welcomes!