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  1. Hia,


    Haven't heard from you for a while. How are you?

  2. Haven't seen you around for a while - I hope all is okay. :)

  3. Hia,


    I'm alright except for having a bit of a cold. How are you?

  4. This is scarey I am old enuff to be you mum :D thank you for being my friend:friends0:

  5. 1975 I was born, I have just accepted your friend request.

  6. That is so cool wot year were you born in? I have sent you a friend request

  7. Hi i have just noticed we share the same birthday how cool is that.

  8. thats nice, where abouts in Kidderminster?

  9. My husband grew up and lived in Kidderminster most of his life, until he came down South to marry me (2nd time around). Just thought you would be interested.

  10. Hi.. could we ask you to use some capital letters please, especially for book titles etc - it just makes everything easier to read. Thank you.