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  1. I had Mrs Norton for German. She scared the hell out of me, which spurred me to get an A j!!ust to show her. I had Miss Whitaker and Miss Jones for form teachers...and Mr Baker. I had such a good report from him but I think that's only because he had no idea who I was.


    No, I moved to Hampshire a couple of years ago. Commuting into London from Dartford was a mare so I had to get out and start again. Did you ever go to Zens (Air & Breathe now, I think). What about Bridewells? Wow...so long ago :)

  2. Ah.. I'm 35, I left '89 (didn't do 6th form, went to college for a year). I certainly remember Mr Dennis.. and especially Mrs Dennis! Mrs Norton was our form teacher most of the way through.. and for German of course, which I was rubbish at! :lol: It's surprising how you forget all the names!


    Are you still in this area?

  3. Cute lil'un by the way :)

  4. Hi Michelle...I'm getting on a bit now. I left in '94 and now I'm 32 :)


    Did you ever have Garner for Maths? What about Mr Dennis?

  5. Hi - I see you went to DGGS.. that was my school too! I have no idea how old you are, but my mum also went to York Road and DGGS. :D

  6. Erith ,but the posh people call it Northumberland Heath !!, do you know it ? Are you going to add an avatar now ?

  7. Hey twinkle, don't worry about replying. You have to wait until you have 10 posts. :D

  8. :thanx: for adding me as a friend, I will be just the first of many ! They are a very friendly bunch. :D Hope to see you around the board.
  9. Hi twinkle hope you enjoy it here.