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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a cracking good day! :-)

  2. Happy birthday!! :-)

  3. Happy Birthday when you happen to pass by.

  4. I don't think he was being mean, he just knows what I'm like! :lol: I'm always saying I'm going to do things but then I never do them! But that was the old me and this is the new me!


    Hope you had a good Monday, I can't believe how quickly the weekend went!

  5. What a mean response! But good for you if it only makes you more determined :)

  6. Well I'm definately going to go to aeorobics now because today I said to my dad 'I need new trainers for aeorobics' and he said 'You'll never go' so now I have to go just to prove him wrong!! I hate it when people tell me I won't do something, it just makes me more determined to do it!!

  7. Well, he certainly loves to sing and dance, and the other day he started playing air guitar - we don't know where he picked that up! He also has a very good sense of rythm (clapping hands or tapping a table - he loves to keep a beat).

  8. That's great that you are getting out with work friends... well done! I hope you're having fun :)


    Ah, the eternal dilemna of "I want to exercise, but I don't have what I need" and then "I have what I need, but I don't feel like exercising anymore", followed by "I want to exercise again, but I'e somehow ruined my trainers/ sweatpants since last time so I don't have what I need"... I'm a great specialist of that never ending circle :lol:

  9. No, Dale has never seen me in an acting role. I did one show after we got together - a children's one called The Emperor and the Nightingale (I was the mechanical nightingale), but I didn't want him to come and watch, so he respected my wishes. He's seen me sing a few times and he's been in bands too (he sings and plays guitar) but we've never been in a band together.

  10. Erm, no groups joined yet I'm afraid *looks ashamed*. I am going to join though! Promise!!

    I've actually been a bit busy lately, and in the next few weeks I'm going out quite a bit with my work friends, so I am getting out more!!


    Gyms are really expensive aren't they! Luckily the leisure centre near us does a really good range of classes for about

  11. I gave up the acting shortly before I got together with my hubby. I had been on the stage for 20+ years and was sick of all the moving around all the time. Add that to a really lousy memory (which made learning lines a real chore) et voila! I continued with the singing (both solo and in bands) and dancing for a while, but eventually I stopped that too.


    I don't realy miss the acting at all now. I did a little in the beginning, but overall I know I made the right decision as I've been happier since I jacked it all in. Funny, isn't it? So many people would say acting was a dream job - I was actually starting to be able to make a comfortable living from it, but it was making me miserable in the end.


    We did loads of different kinds of shows - musicals, dance shows, Shakespeare, drama, comedy, panto - you name it, we did it!

  12. I don't mind at all. Yes, I was an actor for a long, long time. I was on the stage from being almost 3 years old. I started with dancing, then added acting and singing. I studied drama at college and was a founder member of a theatre company (Majik Men Theatre Co) which we ran for just over 6 years before it folded.

  13. hey! It's the week-end again! :D that went fast. I hope you had a good week. How are the groups going? Have you joined one yet?


    I'm debating whether to join a gym... I like the idea of having a wide selection of dance/ aerocbics/ whatnot classes to choose from but I'm not sure its my kind of place and its incredibly expensive.


    Have a great week-end!

  14. No slipping, I promise!!


    Hope you've had a good weekend. I've spent all weekend building wardrobes and sorting out my bedroom. It took ages, but it's now the tidiest it's ever been and it feels sooo good!!


    I'd really like to go to salsa too. I'm thinking about maybe starting going to aeorbics where everybody is on their own, then building up my confidence enough to try dancing!

  15. Stop right there young lady! No slipping allowed ;-) I'll be expecting a full report on club activities on my desk, one week from now *tries to look stern*


    I'm actually thinking of joining some kind of club/ activity as well, but can't settle on anything for the moment. Salsa would do me good, but I don't like the idea of going alone as opposed to all the couples who would be there...


    Congrats on ticking off that huge, long standing item on your list! I'm sure that feels good :lol: