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  1. Mine too! One day i'll stand outside The Old Vic all day waiting for him like a crazy stalker :P

  2. He is lovely :) my aunty has a friend who works for him, and my aunty is getting married next year, so I think I just imagined that my aunties friend came to the wedding and brought him along! Would be nice if that happened :) but I doubt it :(

  3. I like :) had a crazy dream that he came to my aunties wedding the other night!

  4. Ohhhh iv looked it up and a few suggestions were 'You will always be...' and something along the lines of 'Tell your husband the truth' but it looks like we won't find out! It is very sad :(

  5. Id love to know what he said to her though :)

  6. Hey! Is your avater Kevin Spacey? :)

  7. Lost in Translation is such a good film! I always thought my friends were mad when they said it was awful!

  8. My friend was in the audience for it! Shes not really a huge fan of his and she got the tickets because someone couldn't go and she said he's much funnier in real life and she loves him now :)

  9. Exams were ok thanks :) all over now so just have to wait for the results *fingers crossed* and iv got my Prom on Friday which im sure will be an emotional goodbye :)

  10. Good good :) I feel busy too because iv been to 2 18th Birthdays last week and iv got 2 more this week and my prom on Friday! Its all been fun though :)

  11. Hey! Havent spoke to you for a while - how are you? Did you see Alan Carr's new chat show thing on tv?

  12. Hey! Havent spoke to you for a while - how are you? :)

  13. Hello! Things are going good thanks :) how is everything for you?

  14. Hey! A-level English is going ok thanks, apart from a **** teacher :( how is everything going with you? We're doing 'Don Juan' by Byron at the moment which im really enjoying :)