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  1. Happy New Year Everyone!

    1. Chrissy


      And to you! Did you have a good Christmas? X

    2. Inver


      belated New Year from me too.

  2. Do us mums EVER stop worrying about our children? no matter how old they are!!

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    2. Inver
    3. Chrissy


      No, we really don't, no matter where they are and how old they get!

    4. pipread


      I had a feeling that's what the answer would be! Bless 'em

  3. I'll be thinking of you and your family tomorrow, :friends0: One step at a time eh? :friends0:

  4. I am so sorry to hear of your loss I can`t begin to imagine how you must feel, thinking of you and your family. :friends0:

  5. Thank you Nici, I appreciate it. :friends0:

  6. I`d forgotten about the money back offer - I`ll remind him about that, I fancy the idea of an author in the family!

  7. Thanks I`ll look forward to hearing about it, I looked through the details and thought it sounded pretty good but he`s not sure whether to part with his hard earned cash!

  8. Hello there, I noticed you`ve signed up with the writers bureau, I hope it goes well. I`d be interested to hear what you think of it as my son`s been thinking of signing up with them. Happy writing!

  9. I lost my Dad in January and remember finding the messages a help, it reminded me that people are there and do care I think. I`m always around if you need anything, take care. xx

  10. I`m so sorry to hear the sad news Janet, I`ll be thinking of you. x

  11. This sunny weather has a lot to answer for! ;) I like the wine therapy though :lol: Take it easy don`t want you laid up again. :friends0:

  12. I`m pretty good thanks, :) I`m enjoying my easter holiday and as the weather`s been so gorgeous I`ve been tackling my rather neglected garden, hard work but strangely satisfying - although my back is screaming out for mercy! :lol:

  13. Hello Charm, sorry to hear you`ve been unwell but hope you`re feeling better very soon. :friends0:

  14. Only just read about your good news,

    that`s brilliant congratulations:clapping:I`m so pleased for you. :friends0:

  15. Hey Nici, Congratulations on getting the Uni offer! :) You must be over the moon and I bet Robbie`s proud of his Mum too. Well done. :friends0:

  16. Yes I bet you were chuffed and rightly so! I`m ok thanks, looking forward to half-term next week :D feeling pretty drained and needing to recharge the batteries you know. I imagine you must feel the same only more so. :) Take care. xx

  17. Hello Nici, just wanted to say Well Done on the distinction! :friends0:

  18. Thought I`d pop by and say hello! :) haven`t seen you for a while I hope you`re feeling all right? Take care. :friends0:

  19. thank you for thinking of me, all hugs are very welcome at the moment! x

  20. I`m ok thanks Nici :friends0: it still feels a bit unreal really!

    We can`t make any arrangements or anything either til they do the post mortem, so it`s harder to get on somehow - if that makes sense :blush:

    Still, Dad had a good life - he was 84, but the strange thing is, he was looking healthier than he had done for years! Funny how things work out. :)

  21. Thanks charm, I appreciate it. :friends0:

  22. I`m so sorry about your Dad, it must have been awful watching him suffer so badly. Take care. :friends0:

  23. Sorry to hear the sad news, love to you and your family. x