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  1. Hey everyone! Haven't been around here for a while *embarrassed* I would like to remedy that a wee bit from now on. Hope everyone is keeping well and reading loads! xo

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    2. pontalba


      Hey! Welcome back. :)


    3. Athena


      Welcome back :).

    4. Charm


      Thanks for the lovely warm welcome folks! Xo

  2. Just popped in to say Ello! ;)

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    2. Charm


      I'm reading a Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich, but my mojo keeps taking off! How's your reading going lately? ..and how are you? Our house feels a bit empty now my eldest has moved out, but he's more settled ;)

    3. Inver


      Reading bit like yours I think....start something and then getting bored and look for something else. Our house is still full....lol. Youngest will be sitting his last school exams this month then, college in August and eldest will be finishing Uni and who knows maybe a get a job...lol.

    4. Charm


      Your two are a couple of years ahead of mine, you're gonna find it very strange when your eldest move out! House is so much quieter lol

  3. Hey Peace! Just thought I'd pop in and say hello, hope you're well! xo

  4. Oh my, it's been a long time since I was here. Sooo many unread posts and even new mods too!

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    2. Inver


      yeh...where you been you naughty girl

    3. Chrissy


      Hey Charm! Good to 'see' you. X

    4. Charm


      *sheepish look* ... Feel suitably told off, twice! Nice to be back ladies, I promise I will try harder lol

  5. Hiya! Just popped in to say congrats on getting modded! :)

  6. Oooh, get you! I leave you alone for 5 mins (well more like months) and you go all mod on my ass! Congrats! Lol

  7. Eldest moved out this week to a student house! It feels very strange but oddly nice in this house now! Lol

    1. Ben


      In my currently exhausted state of mind I was wondering why the book 'Eldest' was moving out to a student house.. for one very confused moment there. What am I like.

    2. Charm


      It was late at night, plus you student lot don't normally waken until Fridays! :P

    3. Inver


      I still have that to come yet...dread the day

  8. Happy Birthday my sparkly friend! Hope you're having a brilliant day, getting spoilt rotten with lots of lovely pressies! :hug: xoxo

  9. Open tin of Quality Street brought into in the house today .... big, big mistake.

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    2. Inver


      throw us the purple hazelnut ones please....

    3. Inver


      Are they finished.

    4. Charm


      Are you kidding Diane? Between a husband with a sweet tooth and a 15 yr old daughter (not to mention me), they were finished within 36 hours! lol

  10. Hey you! :D Thanks for popping in! I don't get on here as much as I should lately so sorry if this has taken a while. I would love to hear of lots more authors like Karen Rose so thanks for the tip. As I'm sure you can see, I'm kinda stuck in a supernatural mode and can't get out of it (must be the sexy hot vamps ;) )lol I will def look her up though! :D

  11. Got my laptop repaired and home at last! *cuddleslaptoptightly*

    1. julie



      I think I'd forget how to function in life without my laptop. I wear mine out .

      I guess if I had to go without it I'd get more reading done though .

    2. Charm


      I am indeed getting loads of reading done lol

  12. Welcome to your new addiction! Glad you're enjoying it here :)

  13. Hey Chaliepud! I just sent you a friend request, I thought I'd done it ages ago! Hope you're having a good day, well... so far anyway lol xo

  14. Where the hell have you been? Do you have any idea how worried I've been about you?? *standswithhandsonhips*!!

    Hehehe I kid of course ;) Did miss you loads though *hugehug* Thanks for popping in, you've caught me at a hobbling moment, between my back and my sprained limbs I'm a walking/hobbling disaster!! LOL Glad to see you back honey, hope you and the f...

  15. Me too lol On the bright side though, I haven't spent more than a quid on a book in ages! haha

  16. Hey Pickle :) I was gonna recommend a few to you, but I see you've read them already! :o You've been trawling on Amazon again haven't you?? Me too :D :D

  17. Hey hun xo How have you been? Thanks for popping in, sorry I haven't been around as much, not too good lately. I also fell yesterday and think I've sprained my right ankle and wrist, at least I hope they're just sprained! lol Good news is, I've read loads - some corkers and some not so good ;) Hope you have a great weekend xoxo

  18. We will indeed! I sit down and night and think, 'right, messages to write', then get distracted by rubbish online or books, then fall asleep! lol (I blame the meds :P lol)

  19. Chatterbox? Who me? Never! :P *smiles innocently* lol Thanks honey, how are you? I keep meaning to catch up with you, but I'm so bad at keeping up, I'm so sorry *hug*

  20. Sending you lots of hugs and cuddles hun for today. Sorry to hear about the doggy news too, hope you're ok xoxo

  21. Haha! That happened to me last night, I downloaded loads and seemed to have spent about 2 quid odds, how did that happen? They're from authors I've never heard of, but they looked promising. Your kind of thing too, so I'll let you know how they are ;)

  22. Evening! Thanks for letting me know :) Where did you get it for free? I looked on Amazon last night but it wasn't free, 69p I think! Lol I'm such a miser aren't I? lol

  23. Bloody gale force winds threw our lounger around the patio like it was a piece of paper. Smashed into our strawberry pot and shattered it! :(

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    2. Roland Butter

      Roland Butter

      Here too, Charm! I've got a huge earthenware pot smashed to pieces!

    3. Weave


      Frickin' wind! :)


    4. Inver
  24. Lol, still achy! Nothing new there, in fact spent all week looking for a supportive/orthopedic type chair, our sofas just add to my pains. Did find one but it's gonna be 8 weeks before delivery. Now just to recover from the week of looking :( How are you, still sore and creaking?

  25. Hi honey! I'm not great, spent all week looking for a more supportive, orthopedic type chair as ours are adding to my back pain, still recovering from that expedition lol Good new is, we found one, bad news - it's gonna be 8 weeks before delivery :( Oh well, D gonna redecorate before it comes lol How've you been? Decorating nearly finished?