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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for the card! It's really pretty and was a bit of a suprise I might add :P Hope you have a fantastic christmas Esther! xx

  2. Thank you lovely :) I'm great thanks, bit tired and stressed with uni work but what else is new lol. How about you? How are your gorgeous cats. I run out of time to log on here so I feel like it's ages since I spoke to you :) Hows xmas prep going?


  3. hi lovely :) I'm ok thanks how about you? How was your birthday? Uni is stressing me out, this year is really busy! how about yourself? and now the snows getting in they way and I haven't started xmas shopping yet so things are a bit hectic. hope ya well! xxx

  4. Hi :) Thanks for adding me as a friend. How are you? How are you finding the forum?

  5. I'm sure it'll turn around. Newcastle aren't much better. Started with so much promise. Oh well. I don't understand why clubs don't put money into strikers. The most vital part along with goalkeeper. No plans this week, was back at uni on Mon and this Fri so trying to read up and learn things again lol. Not good when had whole summer to forget. How about you?

  6. Hello my lovely :) Yeah I love Muse :) Some fantastic songs particularly Uprising (which is the sig) How are you? I noticed that Plymouth seem to be struggling bit this year, have you been to many matches? Hope you're well :) x

  7. Happy birthday nursenblack :)

  8. Happy birthday :) Hope you're having a great day! xx

  9. Hellooooo :) Don't worry about it! Hope you're OK and that everything's getting better for you, or at the least, that you manage to work out wha's going on with your email lol. :) xx

  10. I'm good thanks :) Just trying to find some time to read!

  11. Thanks for adding me :) How are you today? x

  12. That sounds nice :D It hasn't been too wet round here recently but no idea bout Scotland. I think rain's almost a given. I love Scotland. That's where we spent most of my summer hols growing up. I hope you feel better by then, you can't be sick when you're on holiday!! xx

  13. Hello my dear :) Aww I hope you feel better soon!! Hows things? Do you have summer plans? (it's weird cos I've been finished for 6 weeks now so I forget that people haven't had summer hols etc). :D xx

  14. Happy birthday :):):) Hope you have a fantastic day!! xx

  15. Happy birthday Mia :D Hope you have a fantastic day!

  16. Hi :) Thanks for adding me, I didn't realise we weren't friends (it's easy to lose track when so much is going on lol). How are you? :D

  17. I've already said it on Facebook but I'll say it here too :D Happy birthday Abby. Hope you have a fantastic day!!! :D:party::bestw:

  18. Well I'm not worried because they are going to win. It's all about faith! England! England! England! You're only jealous :tong:


    Now I'm worried that they're not going to win and I'll have to delete accounts to stop the messages :lol:

  19. That's just mean! You wait, England's gonna win tomorrow and be back on track!

  20. oops sorry...what does A.B.E. mean? :hide:

  21. Well they're already further than Ireland so don't you start!

  22. Well, the last few matches for us are Man U, Chelsea, Villa and Liverpool, with the very last being West Brom. Even I must admit, it doesn't look good! I have faith. Go in all guns blazing and beat you in the first match :tong:

  23. :cry2: Don't...I nearly died when I saw that. And then you come on here and gloat. :Tantrum:
  24. Hello missy :) Long time no speak! How are you? How was your birthday? World Cup - me not so much. I follow England but tend to loose track cos there's too much going on :lol: Are you off anywhere nice this summer? xxx