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  1. :lol: I know. I saw Newcastle's score and had an awful feeling we were going to lose to Peterborough. I'm sure NU vs Plymouth soon. Only one more point and NU guaranteed to go up :blush: Although, it seems a lot more hopeful for Argyle now than it did a couple of weeks ago.


    Happy Easter, how are you? Doing anything special?

  2. Happy birthday :) Your avatar is so true! x

  3. Okay :) have a great weekend :D

  4. Thank you my dear, that's really nice of you :) I'm still getting a bit freaked by your avatar :lol: Do you have any plans for the summer, if you're thinking that far ahead :tong:

  5. Aww thanks. I've never had to interview for anything before, and I get so nervous so starting to feel more and more ill as the date approaches. But just be glad when it's over cos it's nearly summer :D:D:D:D:D

  6. Haha yeah, any excuse for chocolate is a good time by me :tong: I'm studying Childhood Studies at the moment and have an interview to do a PGCE in early Childhood in a few weeks which I'm really nervous about :blush: x

  7. I'm great thanks :) Really busy with uni work at the minute, trying to get my dissertation finished :irked: Not much happening this weekend, don't really bother with Easter. :D x

  8. Hi :) Thanks for adding me, how are you? Any plans over the Easter weekend?

  9. Happy birthday Laura :D Hope you have a great day! x

  10. I'll try and watch it soon then :) It seems to get pretty split, some people love it, some hate it.


    I went in the bath this afternoon with IWAV and two hours had gone past before i even looked at the clock :lol: I love Claudia (although, because I've seen the movie, I know what's coming :cry2:). I'm still not liking Lestat though. Maybe the next book will change my mind.



  11. :lol: I've been a few times (and I'm going in the summer :D well to the zoo). It seems a bit olde worldy. Maybe that was just the main city though. you have to branch out to the surrounds. Do you have summer plans? I hope it's not too hot :lol: I can't win.


    I think (well hope) that they arrange it for me. I'm sure it has to be in a certain kind of nursery so I'm sure they will. But I've been told that a lot of the older people who work in nurseries get really hacked off with people with my degree, because I would automatically rank above management wise. oh dear.


    I've seen the movie of IWAV so now i just see Tom Cruise and I think that's what's putting me off :lol: I've never read that book and not yet seen Slumdog. Is the movie subtitled or is it in English? That's what puts me off.

  12. Happy birthday to you :D

  13. Where I'm upto, I hate Lestat already. I really love the way it's told though, you can feel how nervous the interviewer is.


    :lol: about the toilet. I go to the toilets on a higher floor because they're nicer :blush: Although the library is a lot newer than the rest of the building so everything, toilets, computers etc, are all better quality.


    I'm doing a Early Years Professional course, which puts a few rungs above nursery nurses, higher level of management. It's good cos I get 2 days at uni and 3 in placement so I can build my experience.


    Wow if it's cold in the winter here, I'd die in Edinburgh :lol: Usually I'm out the house at half 6 to get to town for half 7 and get free bus at 8 and it's freezing, whether summer or winter. I don't begrudge him Scotland :lol:

  14. I got a copy of Interview With A Vampire (thanks to Lilywhite/Kat) and already 50 pages in and love it. The writing is absolutely fantastic. Most of the vampire books I've read (excluding Sookie of course) tend to be too young and not really descriptive but so far I love it :D

  15. I have my questionnaire all done now just need people to send it to but no idea how to attach things on here :lol: I've never even looked at getting it bound yet, they probably do it at uni. In three years, I've never used any services at uni except the cafe/shop and the library :lol: Well I thought I wouldn't get in at Northumbria because I didn't have experince but I did so be positive :D That means we might pass each other next year :blush: (Except I go to the coach lane campus which is even more travel on my day but I get a free bus from the town so I guess it's ok).


    I bet it'll be weird for you having the house to yourself when your bf leaves. Is that why u were trying to go to Scotland too. I cant imagine moving away from Newc at the min. I've always lived in the same street :lol:

  16. I didn't even know it was showing at sunderland. I only look at that website a couple of times a year because it never changes :lol:


    There's only 8 matches left. This season has flown by. :blush:

  17. Happy birthday :) Hope you're having a wonderful day!! xx

  18. I have never owned a bumbag in my life. I think I'll just stick to my usual :tong: You're not going to get me on that "so uncool it's cool" thing :lol:.


    Plymouth are only one win away from being out of relegation aren't they? That's good :)

  19. Howdi :D Just thought I would let you know that the books arrived safe and sound (thanks so much) and I'm already 30 pages into IWAV. How are you? How was your weekend? xxx :friends0:I'm going to send you something when I get myself sorted next week (uni work is kinda crazy at the moment so I'm on a week delay :lol:)

  20. Hello deary :) My dissertation is due first week of May, but you need two weeks to get it bound :eek::eek: I have no idea where to get that done or how much it'll cost. I best start getting my questionnaire out soon (I have now wrote it at least). I really just can't bear to start it, plus I have 5 other assigments to do :motz: How are things with you? I'm praying the really cold snaps over now. Not be long til we're finished uni and I can be back outside in my garden over the summer reading :readingtwo: xx

  21. hey, Argyle just won 2-0 :e010: And we won 0-1 which I was not expecting so double dance :D


    My god that is scary. I don't blame you for having your bag on you. I go through the city centre everyday so only wear bags which open from the side so I can put the zip under my arm. I get pretty paranoid about it.


    What was Legoland like?

  22. :lol: Aww. Everytime I see anything to do with Plymouth I think that about you. I keep checking the scores now too (it's not so good is it :blush: Although Newc isn't exactly ship shape at the minute either). So did you go on a mini break with the kids? Like I said, I'm scared of London, I don't like Newcastle on a busy day so I would freak out in London. xx
  23. Happy birthday!

  24. Happy birthday :D Hope you're having a great day!

  25. The more I think about it, the more i think I'm crazy :lol: All the news stories about how bad kids are getting and i keep thinking, man what am I doing? :lol: