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  1. Hehe, thanks Weave for your comment on my 2011 reading blog :) I hope you don't mind, but I need to ask it to be deleted because I'm so stupidly anal and want all my lists back to back on my first (and maybe even the second) page on my blog *hides face in shame* :)

  2. I bet even the cat (was it called Spooky? Sorry, can't remember... *shame in my expression*) would like that, Piper would be more busy training the new pup to act like a dog! I'm having wonderful ideas, aren't I? (hehe, have had a couple of glasses of wine...)

  3. Okay, so I was thinking: when are you guys gonna get a new rottie for Piper to play with? See, now that it's winter and the cow's are probably pooing inside the barn you haven't had all the shitty problems and you might've forgotten about them, and would be more likely to fall in love with the idea of getting a new rottie pup :D

  4. Okay, you've given me no choice but to ask the mods to delete it :( Oi vey! *giggle*

  5. Come on Charm, move your Puppy again :D

  6. Yep you did, I had no idea that it's possible! The problem is that now I have no idea how to make new posts before Kidsmum's and your posts :D I just came back to Joensuu from my parents today and haven't yet checked my mail box, I'll leave that tomorrow, but worry not I'll let you know if and when the certain something has arrived! I'm very curious to see what I...

  7. Hehe, thanks for your post on my 2011 reading blog. But really, my TBR list and all is nothing compared to for example Kylie's, you should go and take a look at that :D (sorry, I have to delete your post on the thread, I want all my lists put in first on the thread)

  8. Hehe Charm, thanks for your nice words on my 2011 blog (which I unfortunately have to delete but I warned you guys!) :D It's basically the same stuff as in my 2010 blog so nothing new much. I like making lists, hehehe, does it show?? :P Great new profile pic, BTW! *hug*

  9. As for the Pavlova, I asked my brother if he knows it and he does but he doesn't like merengue so it's just as well I didn't make them, and he doesn't like marshmallows either. Anyways, I just noticed that there's a new dachshund in the neighborhood, I'm excited!! :) I hope you've had an excellent Xmas, from the snippets I've read here and there I think ...

  10. Hi Kylie! Thanks for the PM, I'll PM you back later. Just wanted to let you know that I didn't make pavlovas or Rocky Road for Xmas because the shops were just closing when I got to Nurmes. But! I just came to Joensuu and I find copha in the nearest shop, yay!!! And marshmallows as well. I'm definitely making Rocky Road for New Years :)

  11. Thanks Charm! *hugsywugsy* I did get a few book presents which is rather rare for me, and got a few bookswaps, so indeed a great bookish day, and a great day all around :)

  12. Thanks Pixie for the Bday wishes, although I'm not sure about the 'many more' part, I think I could stay 29 years old for the next 50 years :P

  13. Thanks pickle for the Bday wishes! :) Oh my, you have a really beautiful profile page btw :)

  14. Hiya Mac, and thanks for the Bday wishes! :) BTW, Kylie and I'll be soon joining our forces to put up some pictures and stories on my Australia thread, and there's this one picture we could not help but take, because, well, it's quite obvious that it's a tribute to you *giggle* So be aware when the time comes!

  15. Hellooooo Kylie dearest! My Bday was nice but short! It could've lasted a week ;) Sorry for holding out on the info of THE book, but we went to the uni to get me swapping some books and then watched Inception (a really good movie, recommended by yours truly!) etc. But there it is now on the blog. :)

  16. Thanks Ooshie for the Bday wishes! xo

  17. Thanks Janet, I had a nice relaxing day with BF, and had a couple of bookish activities as well :)

  18. Hi Kylie! How are you? :) I have loads of comments regarding a certain package I got yesterday, the books and DVDS inside it, but I've been busy running some errands and stuff. I will write to you as soon as I have some free time on my hands :)

  19. Ah yep and yesterday when I was going to a bookstore (just for a quick look, hehehe), the shopping mall was playing The Beatles song Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, I thought it was so funny to be reminded of the Australian Mistress of Books just when I'm about to enter a bookstore :DD

  20. Yay, thanks for sending the books! I'm going to address that in my PM as well :)

    I just noticed that it's Kylli's and Kyllikki's name day today here in Finland, and I immediately thought of you, cause it's almost like Kylie :D Happy almost name day my friend <3

  21. Kylie! Sorry I missed your posts before, I've been quite out of it lately because of the flu, but I'm getting better. I got back to Joensuu today and need to unpack. Which is okay now that I've unloaded all the boring stuff like clothes and am left with the books ;) I'm going to write you a PM later this evening or tomorrow at the latest. I miss you loads <3

  22. Haha, I noticed you're now officially the Australian Mistress of Books! :D Good thinking, 99!

  23. You know, I hadn't paid any attention to the background of the music vid, mostly because I was so stunned at the animational content, that I didn't recognise the pic you posted but I was smart enough to watch the vid again and yep, same place :D Yeah, what's a you-know-what? :P

  24. Haha, are you also a fan of my amazing, raising tasting horse? :D