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  1. :D Huggles and cuddles, I loves my Abby as well! <3 Don't mind me if I doze off in a while, it's like 5 AM here :D
  2. :D It's still double the amount of mine :P But hey we have a good team to back us up and give us/me ideas if we/I need them, thank goodness for that :)
  3. :giggle: I would do the friend request thing to you right about now but I'm a bit tipsy and don't know how to do it :giggle:
  4. :haha: I get it!! I'm blonde but I do use me brain every now and then :lol: And I'll definitely give you my honest opinion about the website, you can count on that :)
  5. :lol: I'm happy you liked the frozen bananas :D It does taste like banana ice cream but even better I think and it sure is healthier! I'd hate to say this but I have heard that bananas and grapes have a lot of sugar in them compared to other fruit so if you think about having five portions of veggies/fruit/berries a day (which is the recommended thing to do I think) the five portions should not consist only of bananas and grapes :( But then on the other hand if you want a snack, the frozen bananas beat chocolate or crisps or whatnot anyday in my book! :D
  6. ... a lot lately, because it's been over 30 C for over a month or so, you'd feel right at home if you'd be here right now :)

    I think it's an excellent thing, me getting used to the Aussie accent, no laughing at yours anymore I swear! I think if anyone's going to laugh at the other's accent it's you :D

  7. ...continues...


    I don't think I'll be adding my TBR to my blog because it's quite lengthy. And I just joined Goodreads where I can see exactly how many books I've read, what I'm currently reading and how many books are on TBR. I find it very handy and satisfying. Also, I'm very lazy with writing on my BCF blog ... :roll:


    BF left for his hometown already as did I. I've spent this morning playing Wii Fit with my parents, Dad got it as a pressie for Mom. It's been hilarious! Yet quite sweatty. Now must calm down and do a little foruming ;)


    Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :friends0:

  8. (English is amazing! There are numerous ways to shorten your message if you've gone overboard. There's the 'll instead of will, can't instead of cannot (come to think of it, Finnish has miksei instead of miksi ei as well, but the latter is not at all colloquial, it's rather formal and I'd expect to see it in old movies or books). There's the there's instead of there is, and U instead of you, although I hate using that and try to avoid it even when I'm trying to shorten my visitor message to fit the limits.


    I'm always saying things in too many words and I always need to shorten my visitor messages or if that's not possible, I have to do two messages and that always seems like rambling. The limit might actually do me good, it forces me think of other ways to express the same thing.)


    /ramble off

  9. :lol: As much as I like good banter on religion, I think you should leave the Jesus bit out. It says in the rules or somewhere that we're not to get into anything that someone might take as an insult towards their religion.


    Personally, I have a problem with people saying their religion should not be mocked here, but then they are quite free to discuss their religion here and not consider the ones who don't have any religion. I think it's kinda hypocritical because hey, atheists might get offended by that. I'm not usually this nitpicky (or at least try not to be) but there's one person on this forum whose nickname I find kinda offensive in a way...


    (I did love your Jesus is coming - look busy! -line though :lol: I came up with this one myself a couple of years ago: "What would Jesus do?" "He would cramp my style" :tong:

  10. :lol: Oh the morning wasn't really that bad at all, I'm just impatient to get everything right immediately and if I don't I may use harsh language even though I'm not really totally _that_ upset :) Kinda hard to explain but you know what I mean :)


    It seems like your hubby really has his hands full :lol: The tiling, guineapiging for your caramel squares and now putting up a mini library :D Break it to him gently will ya?


    A mini library would be nice... a nice little nook with shelves and a comfy chair and a reading light. And maybe a little sidetable for cookies. And a glass of wine. I bet you have it all figured out already. You probably have the idea of where each book goes as well! You know what would look totally amazing. Books organized by colour! I've seen a pic of books organized that way and it was gorgeous :smile2:

  11. 3436, how did you manage that! :lol: I don't really know what's been happening, I'm still kinda off forum mode :roll: I think I have to cut down on playing Carcassonne... Ooooh and I read my first ever Jeffery Deaver, The Bone Collector. I'm so glad I didn't start with The Broken Window because I just became a huge Deaver fan, he's the ****! :lol: I wasn't particularly pleased with Rhyme because I just found him really annoying and I didn't exactly fall in love with Sacks either, but I found their chemistry interesting and definitely want to read the books in order :smile2: I was mostly impressed with the plot and the twists in the end. I really really didn't know who the real murderer was, I was betting on a totally different person.


    What you been reading? Anything interesting?


    Oh and by the way, I think you two look cute together :D


    Now I'm off to the forum, gonna read Jeffery Deaver threads :smile2:

  12. Aa okay they're not coming all at once, your previous message gave me the idea that they were. Phew :)


    Don't worry, you didn't spoil anything!! I've read maybe 20 pages but then I had to do the dishes and eat and now I know I have to go move my friend's stuff soon so I don't know if I have time to do any reading before that. It looks like it might be starting to rain, I don't like that :( I hope it rains after we've finished the moving!!

  13. Abby!! You kind, kind, wonderful, thoughful person, you! :hug: I just received the postcard you sent me, I can't believe you sent me one eventhough you didn't go anywhere. Thanks you so much, it was really surprising and delightful to receive a real postcard from the States, it's now officially my first one :D It rather made me blush and almost teary-eyed, your kind words. Now this is a good way to start a new week :D


    Ps. I wonder why it took so long, since you posted it ages ago. Maybe it got lost along the way, thank goodness not for good!

  14. frankie

    Akateeminen kirjakauppa is my favorite, it's so huuuuge and posh and somehow comfortable at the same time. They also have a wide range of paperbacks, and especially PBs in English. Whenever I visit Helsinki I have to visit Akateeminen, otherwise it's not a satisfying trip.

    But I'm glad that I asked you now, virtual book throwing doesn't hurt and anyways, you didn't even try to throw one ;)


    I think you are very lucky to have that kind of insisting grandmother! It's such a privilege to be able to learn other languages other than one's first native language so early on.

  15. Also looking forward to going to this 3-storey bookstore in Hki, the English lit section is fab! I love the atmosphere, it's like going abroad! 5,6% of the Finn population are Swedish Finns and they live mostly in West/South of Finland and I never come across them where I live (East). Everytime I go to the bookstore half the customers speak Swedish and it freaks me out in a good way :) I always eavesdrop them but then I get used to having them around and well, they're just like normal people who talk about normal stuff :lol:


    I must tell you about 'eavesdrop'. I learnt the word from TV before it was introduced in school. For sometime though I thought it was 'earsdrop'. I thought it sounded very logical: you drop your ear someplace convenient where your ear hears what you want it to hear! I'm glad I learnt the correct spelling before it came up in school :lol:


    Let me know when your letter to Lindsay is finished and when you'll be sending it. I'm eager to know if he'll reply! :D

  16. Also, because I stayed behind after the others left I realised that I couldn't get a lift home! Well it was only 7 blocks so I managed but a lift after the move would've been nice. And guess what, it started to rain the minute I got out and started to walk home :lol: It was so ridiculous that I couldn't stop laughing!


    By the way, I finished Dearly Devoted Dexter, it was gooooood :smile2: I didn't jump at the chance to read Dexter in the Dark because of my lack of mojo though. Instead I picked up one of my favorite books from my teenage which has been due for yet another reread for ages! I'm almost finished with it already :) Are you still on Hunchie? Oh and yeah I noticed you got the first three books by a certain vampirechic called Meyer :lol: Oh boy you have so much reading ahead of you!!

  17. And second of all, what were the 14 year olds doing in the house, I would think the directors and whatnots of the show would have some decency and sense in their heads! And to show it on TV!! I have to say, I don't think we would do anything like that in Finland, no way! Though don't get us wrong, there was sex on season 1 and a man with a GF outside falling for a housemate and having sex with her and then denying everything. He was a really great and funny character and quite a favorite with the audience but when he started cheating people were just disgusted with him.


    Too bad for Siavash, but how come he fell for it? Is he a bit naive? Didn't the others warn him? And why would he do that anyway because he had a GF already? :(

  18. Another lazy spell for me but I'll try to get my BCF mojo back. I guess one of the biggest reasons I've been so lazy is that I don't really want to update my weight losing thread because I've not been good lately and I just hate to admit it. But I've also been reading books instead of doing BCF so it's been for good causes as well.


    How are you hon? I'm glad to hear your mojo's back! What brought it back? I'm going to do a little forum reading after this message so I guess I'll find out soon enough. Yep I've noticed that quite a many people in various different threads are posting the same thing ”I need to take a look into these Dexter books everyone's talking about”. :lol: Dexterettes rule!!


    I'm gonna take a peek in the Who/what am I -thread like you suggested, I'm obviously going to get me some giggles there :P


    It feels good to be back :friends0:

  19. Argh, now I did the same thing as you did a couple of days ago, I posted on my prof page! :D

    Weird that you hadn't heard about the mosaic, it being in Sydney! And why would anyone not like coffee?? I think it's an inbred thing in Finland, we're a serious bunch of coffee drinkers. You have to be, to beat the long dark winter ;) Heheh, I've been thinking about you a l...

  20. Armstrong's story was so heartwarming, it sounds very Gilmore Girlish & Stars Hollowish! I googled it and you're right, the place is amazing! I can't believe it's in the middle of the city! I'm so envious of you Brits, you have so much history and so many old+historic+beautiful castles and places you can visit. The Lake District and whatnot... We don't have anything like that here. But I'd like to visit Jesmond Dene someday :D


    You finished Dex already! I'm really glad you liked it, I see it got 9/10 so you did really like it because that's the highest you'll give to a book :lol: I also noticed you're going for The Empty Chair next. Good times ahead, aye? ;) I'm still reading the 2nd Dex. I don't understand what's gotten into me lately. I used to read 10 books/month and now I've only read 2 books this month and can't seem to find time/be in the mood for reading. I feel like I shouldn't be apart of any reading group right now because it seems I just can't make the deadlines :blush:

  21. As long as you're not having Robert Pattison or whatthehellshisname as an avatar I'm thinking you're okay(ish). :tong:


    Daddy Dexter becomes more human in 3rd book? Wow... Hm... Now I'm intrigued! I think it has to do with Rita or Cody. I think. I cannot wait!!


    I was wondering about Hunchie because you didn't post anywhere that you'd finished it so I was guessing you were putting it off till you'd finished Dexter. I was right, haa :D (Do you feel incredibly guilty about not reading it sooner? I mean you had no way of reading it earlier because you didn't get your copy until just recently, but are you still feeling guilty? I'm feeling incredibly guilty, you know because of the conversation that took place in the forum... :blush:)


    After you finish Hunchie are you going for the Sookie books? (I want you to do as you please me lady, but that would give me time to catch up!)

  22. Aww, nice to hear Piper's been on her best behaviour today, good girl :D It turns out we don't need her after all, I was feeling okayish yesterday+today and I went to the grocerystore today. I got us 16 rolls (2 packs) of toiletpaper, that should keep us non-brown for a while :lol: Mind you, it was freezing, like -20 degrees Celsius. BF borrowed his winter skiing pants so they kept me warm. But I have to say I was exhausted after the 30 min walking, shopping, 30 min walking back!


    I've been waiting for your reading blog, I've seen you in other people's blogs wishing a great reading year but haven't seen your own blog and I was beginning to wonder if you're even doing one this year. I'm glad I was wrong! Charms' Choices has a nice ring to it, I like it. And I hope you will get into that Rice novel asap, your mojo needs to learn a lesson and you show her who's the boss!! Haha remember to reserve enough puppies, one can't do without!

  23. Awww, why is there no Santa?? :( I know you're daughter is old enough not to believe but still, I think Santa makes the Christmas. I was so unhappy the first year my parents told me Santa wasn't coming. When I started pouting they didn't understand because they knew I knew about Santa not being real.

    But at least your daughter is still young enough to feel the magic of Christmas, that's good :) I think having young 'uns around at Christmas is great, makes the Christmas more magical for the "old" ones as well!


    Now I gotta stop this, my BF is watching Simpsons reruns while I'm posting, and he's absent-mindedly banging the drumsticks he got for his friend and it's irritating the **** out of me!!! He's also commenting the Simpsons which distracts me from posting and Lord knows how long I've been writing this because of that!!!

  24. Because the winter+spring+fall are not very warm here the summer always seems very short+warm to us and so we have to make most of it! The change in people seems unreal! We shed our clothes, spend time outdoors and party :lol: The midsummer is awesome, in the most northern part of Finland the sun doesn't set down at all and where I live the nights are very light as well. It's so funny that the Finns all know that this'll happen each year but every time it surprises us how warm+light the summernights are :)


    If you ever want to visit Finland you're welcome to stay at my crib! I live in Joensuu which is in the East, a uni town (72 000 people). It can be a bit boring+depressing in the winter but the summer is so amazing here. We have our own rock festival in July and the streets are filled with people smiling & music playing. I'm so looking forward to it! I think that the best time to visit Finland is definitely the summer unless one's into snow and all of the wintery activities.