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    Did you do a google search? When I did one, just to see what would turn up, the first hits were about cerebral palsy, and there was on reference to copy+paste. Just goes to show, yet again, how educational a forum we have We learn about things without even meaning to! You could celebrate on those days, or maybe choose your own date for your name day Everyone deserves a name day celebration!! Yep, the things and how they change I think it's only natural to begin to like something more when one gets more accustomed to said thing. It's easier to like the known than the unknown. I've never liked horses and I'm wary of them, but if I think about it rationally, if I were to meet a lot of horses and spend time with them, I'd probably get over my fearing them a bit, and I might even start to like them. But for now, I'm happy to love dogs
  2. Frankie reads 2017

    I was hoping I'd be able to visit this summer, but it's not to be, unfortunately. My summer holiday weeks were scheduled for earlier than I'd thought, and I've not been able to secure a lease for my apartment for more than 4 months, so I need to be saving money for a possible move in November. My weapon of choice will be a book. A paperback.
  3. Frankie reads 2017

    Well, that guy was obviously a creep. You don't carry a knife here in Finland just like that and get away with it. You just don't do that kind of stupidness. I hope you don't think that it's okay to carry a knife around like that here in Finland. I'd be equally upset over here if I saw someone carrying a knife. I think this guy was personally behind with things by miles.... He could not have been right in the mind. I'm not saying all Finns are awesome. We have our more than fair share of alcoholics and I think Finland is one of the leading countries in the statistics re: suicides and stuff. But still. As a Finn, I don't consider it normal to have a guy pulling out a knife. Sorry you had to deal with him
  4. Health and Fitness

    You could even video it! I wouldn't mind watching :lol: For educational purposes.
  5. Health and Fitness

    I've been curious about it, but I wouldn't want to do it in class because I'm not limber at all and lack strength. But doing it on my own is scarier, in case I do it wrong and break myself ?
  6. Hi, everyone!

    Hello and welcome to the forum! ?
  7. Frankie reads 2017

    I don't like fish either, and I've survived for 35 years I will eat it when it's put in front of me and I will sometimes make it myself as it's supposed to be good for you, but it's my least favorite animal protein to eat. You'll do fine! That's proper awesome that you can sing along to Kuolema tekee taiteilijan!! I'm amazed! I don't think I know anyone else who could sing a Finnish song! Should you ever come to Finland, I'd be more than happy to show you around You could teach me Dutch!
  8. Frankie reads 2017

    January 2nd it is You are very kind, good sir! Finland would be glad to have you here. As a small country, we appreciate when we are appreciated by people in foreign countries. Finland has a low self-esteem and we love compliments! Kiitos!
  9. Frankie reads 2017

    Sounds like a plan! Book presents, obviously. A trip to a book fair, maybe? I wonder if you could find a book fair for that date, somewhere in the world.
  10. Frankie reads 2017

    If you were Finnish, your name date would be 11.9. and that's not a good date for anything. Happy you're not Finnish!
  11. Frankie reads 2017

    You have a lot of catching up to! But the good thing is, you have almost half a year to plan your celebration, so I'm sure you'll come up with something suitably amazing According to your source, I don't have a name day at all Mine's cancelled!
  12. Frankie reads 2017

    Where did you find your name day, I'm curious! You should totally celebrate, and celebrate for the years' worth you didn't know you had a name day!!!
  13. Frankie reads 2017

    I want to write a bit about my holiday, or rather something specific about that. You know I'm a dog person, through and through. I like other animals, too, and I like cats, but I'm just not a huge fan. I think it's because I've mostly met rambunctious cats that can't be told to settle down, and cats' teeth and nails are so much pointy and hurtful than dogs', in my opinion. I did meet two cats many many years ago, that were sooo nice, and whenever someone came to visit the people, they would come to the door and see who was coming, and they were very happy to meet people and one of them especially was very happy to be picked up and cuddled, even when they were meeting a new person. They were so nice and lovable! I will admit that I haven't met many cats for some reason, I just haven't been lucky enough to have many friends or relatives here in Finland who have cats and so I haven't been 'exposed' to them as much as one might like, and so I don't know much about cats. I do have one friend who had cats but their were very much outdoors cats and one would hide away the second she noticed guests were arriving (I never got to touch her. She once tolerated me going past her, 5 meters away, but I had to be very careful and my friend was on alert and it made me anxious because I guess I thought it was made into a huge deal, the whole thing. I mean it would've been easier if everyone had just been warned that the cats won't come to you and they won't like it if you try and touch them, if you manage to get close to them. Instead, we were warned but we were also told to stay put and then my friend would watch her cats and see what they did and it felt rather uncomfortable, actually, thinking back. The cats probably wouldn't have minded if they were just allowed to hide away and have everyone not pay attention to them. Instead, they were being paid attention to more, as we were to tread carefully when they were around, and we were observed to see what might happen.). Oh wow, that was a ramble! I think those visits had a bigger impact on my views of cats than I thought. And that's not fair because the cats were alright, I didn't have problems with them at all, I was just made to think there might be problems (when there weren't going to be, as the cats were very used to going their own way and there were many places to hide and we never sought them out as we knew not to do it!). The other cat was a tiny bit more sociable, and I remember this one time when I was with the friend, watching something on TV, and the cat came to the room and when we ignored her as according to the great cat plan, she came to sit on the chair I was sitting on, and she got so comfortable that she settled down and I was able to give her a belly rub and she purred happily. My friend thought that was amazing. Anyhow, the same friend has recently gotten two cats. The first one she got is a kitten, really, as he's now 3 months, I think. Super tiny. He's a Birman. The other one is a 1 year old Ragdoll. I've never seen any Birmans or Ragdolls in real life, I didn't even know we had them in Finland! (Yes, I'm not very knowledgeable in Cat.) Anyhow. I wasn't overly keen on meeting them, I'll be honest. Had my friend gotten dogs, I couldn't have waited to see them! That's just how I'm wired, personally, and I hope none of my cat loving friends on here mind No offence! Then I met them. The Birman came to the door to say hi when we came in, and he was soooo cute!! The other one was a tiny bit more reserved, but she was also happy to have visitors come and meet her. They do like company coming over, and I thought that was so odd! (Compared to my previous experiences with same friend's other cats.) I didn't think I'd be interested in the cats, but they were adorable I'd taken an extra allergy pill, knowing I'd meet them, but they only made me sneeze once or twice! I was able to cuddle and give rubs without too much trouble, as long as I washed my hands and took breaks from the rubs. When the Ragdoll was up a climbing tree, just chilling out in the box on the top, I was admiring her and she was happy to be admired, and then the other one, the young 'un, well do you know what he did! He climbed me up and sat on my shoulder!! He'd never done that with my friend, the cat's owner! He sat there for 15 seconds and then got on the box to sit with the Ragdoll. So yes, I was a climbing tree for him and a means to the destination, but he did sit on my shoulder for a while That was so precious! The other one was a bit more reserved, but she was happy to have people over, too. She let me rub her belly, which my friend said was not something she'd let other visitors do, apart from my friend's family members who visited often. She said that even cat people who'd come had not been able to do it. I said maybe it's because I don't know cats well at all and I'm really careful and cautious with them, and don't go for a straight approach, and maybe the cats appreciate that. I'm not saying cat people are ignorant to the cats' reactions and needs and go in for a cuddle straight away. I don't know how to explain it. Again, I hope I'm not offending any cat people. Anyway, the second time I met the cats, the more reserved one walked past me and stopped on her tracks in front of me and lay down on her side and I knew she wanted a belly rub. As soon as I rubbed her, she started purring! It was amazing I don't mean to sound boastful, but it was just so odd! My friend said I was some sort of cat whisperer (and she did seem a bit sad that the Birman had never sat on her shoulder ). I have to say, I fell in love with them two I hope to meet them soon again!
  14. Frankie reads 2017

    Very interesting! And you don't get this kind of detailed info and data from anywhere else but here! How educational is this place, right? I can't wait for you to read the book so we can compare notes, and I'll get to know how you liked it! And I want to know what you think about the things I mentioned in the spoiler tag. And don't get me wrong, it was good, I gave it 4/5 after all! I think my review sounded like I might've given it a lower mark I'm now curious what you came up with! CP means cerebral palsy, which is what my Boss has. The author of the book I bought has a more severe form of CP than my Boss and I think he cannot speak (I've not read the book yet so I'm not 100% sure). I was going to explain it in my own words but then it sounded so weird, so I hope you don't mind if I just give you the link to the wiki page! And here's the gist of it: "A name day is a tradition in some countries in Europe, Latin America, Catholic and Orthodox Christian countries in general. It consists of celebrating a day of the year that is associated with one's given name. The celebration is similar to a birthday." It's a curious one, as I don't think I've noticed anyone else talk about their name day on here, and I've wondered at times if other countries don't celebrate it. Here's a list of countries that do, according to Wikipedia. 2.1Bulgaria 2.2Croatia 2.3Czech Republic 2.4Denmark 2.5Finland 2.6France 2.7Germany 2.8Greece 2.9Hungary 2.10Italy 2.11Latvia 2.12Lithuania 2.13Macedonia 2.14Poland 2.15Romania 2.16Russia 2.17Scandinavia 2.18Slovakia 2.19Slovenia 2.20Spain and Hispanic America 2.21Sweden 2.22Ukraine So it's not celebrated in the Netherlands and the UK? It's not a huge celebration or anything. My name day is on 19.7., and what happens is that people who remember it's my name day, or people who happen to look at their calenders (that include the names that are celebrated that day) and notice it's my name day might send me a text saying 'Happy Name Day!' and that's that My name day is during the "women's week". I haven't heard any other country celebrating women's week, but wikipedia tells me they do celebrate it in Sweden, too. The week is 18.-24.7., and on that week there are only womens' names on the name calendar. I might as well copy+paste the dates and names celebrated: 18. heinäkuuta – Riikka 19. heinäkuuta – Sari, Saara, Sara, Salli, Salla 20. heinäkuuta – Marketta, Maarit, Reetta, Reeta, Maaret, Margareeta 21. heinäkuuta – Johanna, Hanna, Jenni, Jenna, Jonna, Hannele, Hanne, Joanna 22. heinäkuuta – Leena, Matleena, Leeni, Lenita 23. heinäkuuta – Olga, Oili 24. heinäkuuta – Kristiina, Tiina, Kirsti, Kirsi, Krista, Kiia, Tinja So these are all Finnish womens' names. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else celebrates name day in their country! Edit: If anyone is curious about a name calendar, I mean a calendar that includes name days. Here's a link to a Finnish calendar view for July 2017, and you'll see all the names that are celebrated on each different day. Sometimes, I think especially in the 'older days', a newborn might be given the name according to the day they were born. For example, my Dad was born 5.7., and he was given the name Unto. (And Dad knows a woman who was born on the very same day, but she couldn't be named Unto or Untamo because those are mens' names, so she was named Ulla instead, as Ulla is celebrated on 4.7. ) Today, 15.7., Rauni and Rauna celebrate their name days. Rauni is one of those rare names that's a unisex name. We only have a couple of them. Thanks! I was particularly happy about the dictionary and the Georges Perec book, as it's been on my wishlist for a long time
  15. Frankie reads 2017

    I came home with 7 books I bought/received on my vacation: Tuomas Alatalo: Olen ja saan sanoa (an autobiography of sorts, or essays, by Alatalo who has CP) (40cnt) Wilma Klippel: Nurmeksen kauppala - ensimmäiset vuosikymmenet (This is a collection of stories and pictures and the history of the center of Nurmes, my hometown. It was published early this year and I've coveted it. I was going to see if my parents wanted to buy it, so I could then borrow it and read it, but Mom had already gotten it for me, as a name day present ) Finnish - German - Finnish dictionary (I was going to buy one at a bookshop, and it would've cost at least 19€, and it would've been a pocket book version. But this one I found at a flea market, and for only 50cnt!! And it's as good as new) Radclyffe Hall: The Well of Loneliness (from flea market, 50cnt, in mint condition!) - This is on the 1001 Books -list! Sapphire: Push! (from flea market, 50cnt) Georges Perec: Life a User's Manual (from flea market, 50cnt, in mint condition!) - This is on the 1001 Books -list! Sanna Wikström: Unelmakarttakirja (This one's actually an exercise book, it's about stuff in life. Won't go into detail.)
  16. Frankie reads 2017

    22. My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella Blurb: Katie Brenner has the perfect life: a flat in London, a glamorous job, and a super-cool Instagram feed. OK, so the truth is that she rents a tiny room with no space for a wardrobe, has a hideous commute to a lowly admin job, and the life she shares on Instagram isn't really hers. But one day her dreams are bound to come true, aren't they? Until her not-so-perfect life comes crashing down when her mega-successful boss Demeter gives her the sack. All Katie's hopes are shattered. She has to move home to Somerset, where she helps her dad with his new glamping business. Then Demeter and her family book in for a holiday, and Katie sees her chance. But should she get revenge on the woman who ruined her dreams - or try to get her job back? Does Demeter - the woman who has everything - actually have such an idyllic life herself? Maybe they have more in common than it seems. Thoughts: A new Kinsella novel that I was eager to read! I would say this one's as good as the rest of her standalones, but not her best. It was really readable and rather funny at times, but even so, there wasn't anything really special about it, that would make me remember it fondly years from now. I did like it, but it doesn't stand out from the rest of Kinsella's novels. There were two things that bothered me about the novel and I will share them in spoilers: 4/5
  17. Frankie reads 2017

    I'm back from my vacation to my hometown! I did a bit of reading, I finished one and I'm about to finish one other book. Here's the current score: Borrowed books (3/18) - The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan 4/5 - My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella 4/5 - Sopivasti sekaisin by Veera Vaahtera 3/5 - Ajan kanssa: kesäni Marcel Proustin seurassa by Petteri Kantola - Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanism, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened by Allie Brosh - Irti sosiaalisesta jännittämisestä by a bunch of people - God Delusion by Richard Dawkins - Talking as Fast as I Can: from Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between) by Lauren Graham - Furiously Happy: a Funny Book about Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson - The Dandelion Years by Erica James - Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness: a self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques by Gillian Butler - The Flying Troutmans by Miriam Toews - The Real Liddy James by Anne-Marie Casey - Vapaaksi ahdistuksesta by Edmund J. Bourne - Hengitys itsesäätelyn ja vuorovaikutuksen tukena by a bunch of people - Parting Shot by Linwood Barclay - Kuka murhasi Roland Barthesin? by Laurent Binet - Columbine by Dave Cullen Reserved books (7) - Daddy Cool: kolme vuosikymmentä televisiomaailman huipulla by Jorma Sairanen & Kalle Kinnunen - Tällä tavalla maailma loppuu by Philip Teir - Tummiin vesiin by Paula Hawkins - Tunne lukkosi: vapaudu tunteiden vallasta by Kimmo Takanen - Synkän metsän siimeksessä by Ruth Ware - Luolamies by Jorn Lier Horst - Dead Writers in Rehab by Paul Bassett Davies
  18. Frankie reads 2017

    Over here it would be the new price I think, however as an alternative to paying the price the library paid for the book (let's say it's a book), they will allow you to find a copy of the book in new condition, on your own. This means that instead of paying for their asking price, I could find a cheaper copy from a book selling website. BookDepo doesn't sell Finnish books at all, I don't think, but I could get cheaper of Finnish novels from Adlibris. I might even find a suitable copy at a flea market, and as far as I know (meaning, unless they've changed their rules!) the library wouldn't care the book came from a flea market. As long as it's as good as new. I only got to reading The Lies We Told, I have 15 pages left. I don't think I liked it all that much, unfortunately. Nah, I don't think I've ever shared pictures of my hometown or current whereabouts on here, much anyways. I do enjoy a bit of privacy, and being the only (?) regular Finn on here, I don't want to post too much about personal stuff. Pictures, like. I also don't tend to take a lot of photos of places, I prefer taking pictures of people and animals.
  19. Depression/anxiety

    How about Gillian Butler's Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness?
  20. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    I finished the Finnish chick-lit book I was reading today, and started reading The Lies We Tell by Diane Chamberlain.
  21. Frankie reads 2017

    I'm in the middle of one book, so I thought one other book would do, I couldn't finish two books in 6 hours, as I'm going to sleep for the first few hours (I've had to wake up at 5.50 to catch my train ). But yeah, in the end I figured as I've packed lightly, I could take a few different choices. I read the first few lines of each of them, and found them interesting. I'm going with - Chamberlain, Diane: The Lies We Told (TBR)- Charriére, Henri: Papillon (TBR) - Lawson, Jenny: Furiously Happy (library) and a poetry book by a Finnish rapper I really like.
  22. Frankie reads 2017

    They were really good, I hope you will like them when you get to them! Thanks! The trip to hometown is only for 6 days and I'll have 2 whole weeks after that, completely unplanned and unorganized I'll have time to be lazy, too! That's interesting about you guys getting a fine for a damaged book! Is it a set fine or do they approach the subject on a case by case basis, depending on the book? Over here we just have to pay how much the book cost to the library - or find them a new copy of the book in exchange. So, depending on the book, that wouldn't be all too expensive. One could easily find copies at BookDepo, for instance, at a smaller price, than say from a bookstore. I hope you will like it! There was a few things I didn't enjoy about the book but they were minor things I've never lost a book either, or damaged one. I'm super vigilant if I have library books with me when I travel, so that I won't misplace them. I've not decided yet! It's killing me! Aww, sorry about that It's annoying when you don't know what happened, but then again it might be worse if you did know it was the man I still have to think about it. I might change my mind about whatever I decide today, and go with something else tomorrow morning. It's stressing, actually. I wouldn't mind this much, if the train journey wouldn't be 6 hours in total. If I can't settle into reading a book, I'll be bored! So it has to be a good one, and one that suits my mood.
  23. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    I think I expected there to be more dogs, going by the title I liked the cast very much, though! Well it can't have been all that bad if a nugget stayed behind Just finished watching Love By Chance. It's a poor rip-off from Because I Said So. I can't believe they made such a similar movie! How boring. I want to watch Because I Said So again but it's not available on Netflix. I need to get my laptop fixed so I can start watching my own DVDs.
  24. Your Book Activity - July 2017

    Okay, thanks I think I will have to buy a copy of the book Edit: I forgot to add that I finished My Not So Perfect Life by Kinsella, which I enjoyed. Have started reading a Finnish chick-lit.