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  1. Happy Birthday Lukeozade! :balloons: Have a good day :D

  2. Happy Birthday Luke! :D

  3. Really??? Alice In Wonderland is amazing, dunno how anyone could be put off just because of a female protagonist.

  4. Hello! Noticed you like Anthony Horowitz as well as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Not often one finds a boy who likes that and Through the Looking Glass - apparently a female protagonist is too much for most teenage boys to handle! (I love the Alex Rider books and Lewis Caroll). Just dropped by to say that anyhow... =)

  5. Hi! Welcome to the forum.

  6. Hey thanks for saying hi! I rather like Birmingham myself :)

  7. Hello! I saw your comments on Of Mice and Men and The Picture of Dorian Gray. I absolutely bawled when I read Of Mice and Men. And the ending to The Picture of Dorian Gray is about the best ending I've ever read in a book. Terrific stuff!

  8. I love the name!! I have friends who live in Birmingham. Great city I love it. Welcome to the Forum