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  1. What TV series would you bring back?

    I loved that too! No one else seems to have heard of it :-(Also.... Dead Like Me American Gothic Studio 60.... West Wing Newsroom Northern Exposure Not sounding very british am I? How about: Hamish Macbeth Chandler & Co
  2. The Last Film You Saw - 2015

    Blackfish I'll never go to Seaworld
  3. The meaning behind your forum names

    I don't like McEwan either - miserabilist!I'm after a character in one of my fave films - Marion from Raiders of the Lost Ark!
  4. Long time no speak! Thanks for birthday greetings!

  5. Happy birthday :) Have a lovely day.

  6. Happy Birthday Ravenwood! :balloons: Hope you're having a lovely day :D

  7. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day!

  8. Happy birthday :D Hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. Happy birthday Ravenwood :balloons:

  10. Happy Birthday Ravenwood!:bestw:

  11. How could I forget Captain John???? That was so cool - I got very silly and girly during his first episode. Just seen that he's going to be in Caprica, the BSG spinoff/prequel....

  12. Hi, thanks .. I totally agree .. she's the best.