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  1. Hi Roxi! Thanks for the message. I haven't been around much as my MS has been a bit difficult of late. I start some new meds on Wed, so fingers crossed that it helps!

    How are things at your end?



  2. Hey...


    Haven't noticed many posts by you lately, so I just said I'd drop by.

    Hope everything's okay :)



  3. R.e The Twilight book...... are you sure???????? I mean, it'll cost you more to ship it to me that it would to just give it to a charity shop! :lol:

  4. Just to let you know that the person posting about the free ebooks has been banned.

  5. nellie the movie that edward norton plays a magician was called "The illusionist" I've seen that it's a great movie! I'm not going to spoil it for you.

  6. Hope you and Mr Nellie had a wonderful anniversary! :)

  7. Just discovered you Nellie, what a lovely name, real old fashioned. Enjoy your time on the Forum

  8. Welcome to the forum! ... I love your avatar! Paddington is cute!

  9. :welcome: to the forum! :)