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  1. looking forward to my loooong weekend :)

  2. a life changing day!

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    2. madcow


      congrats x


    3. Kidsmum


      Fantastic news Shirley definitely a cause for celebration :)

    4. shirleyz


      thank you all for your kind wishes :)

  3. will be curled up in front of the telly with a good book tonight - such bliss!

    1. Maureen


      Enjoy it. You certainly deserve it :)

  4. is a lucky girl with the greatest of best friends :D

    1. Maureen


      I bet your best friend is lucky too :)

    2. Chrissy


      That's a lovely thing to be able to say ~ both of you! :)

    3. Inver


      Bestest friends are the bestest...lol


  5. grey day :(

    1. pickle


      same here very grey :-(

    2. Raven


      We had sun until a short while ago, we now have grey.

    3. Maureen


      I think you need to change this :)

  6. wish I could find more time to read :S

  7. is very pleased with herself :D

    1. Maureen


      You should be!! XX

  8. HI Mac - thanks for your comment! I'm really enjoying the book, which is completely different to anything I have ever read. I must admit I was a bit hesitant at first, but the writing really draws you into the story. I'll look forward to reading the sequel...

  9. Hi Chrissy - thanks for the comment. Actually yes - I do buy from The Book Depository, they have an excellent delivery service, though their prices sometimes are a bit steeper...

  10. doesn't feel like going back to work :/

    1. Maureen


      Me neither.....and not even today.

  11. all the very bestest xxx

  12. waits patiently...

    1. Maureen


      For what? Your new haul?

    2. shirleyz


      what else?? ;P


  13. I want to go home...

  14. what a day... have to get used to winter routine :S

  15. had a lovely day at the beach... and has sunburn to prove it :)

  16. it's raining... looks like summer is on its way out :(

  17. would like to sleep :o

    1. Maureen


      Me too! This heat!!!!

  18. is wondering what books to take on holiday :)

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    2. Janet


      If space is a problem, take fewer clothes!!

    3. Maureen


      spoiled for choice?! :)

    4. shirleyz


      thanks for the wise words ladies :)

  19. is wondering what to read next...

  20. mau... help... can't find my reading blog :( there goes my new year resolution!!

  21. hey sweetie... how's you? i'm tired out - been to ron's sis to watch the airshow - nofstanhar fix-xemx :(