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    I love reading and gardening, and try to catch up on these two hobbies between caring for my family and cats :)
    Currently reading for a Masters degree in Communication Studies
  1. Happy Birthday Shirley. I hope all is good with you. Have a lovely day. : )

  2. looking forward to my loooong weekend :)

  3. a life changing day!

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    2. madcow


      congrats x


    3. Kidsmum


      Fantastic news Shirley definitely a cause for celebration :)

    4. shirleyz


      thank you all for your kind wishes :)

  4. will be curled up in front of the telly with a good book tonight - such bliss!

    1. Maureen


      Enjoy it. You certainly deserve it :)

  5. is a lucky girl with the greatest of best friends :D

    1. Maureen


      I bet your best friend is lucky too :)

    2. Chrissy


      That's a lovely thing to be able to say ~ both of you! :)

    3. Inver


      Bestest friends are the bestest...lol


  6. grey day :(

    1. pickle


      same here very grey :-(

    2. Raven


      We had sun until a short while ago, we now have grey.

    3. Maureen


      I think you need to change this :)

  7. wish I could find more time to read :S

  8. Oh...Christmas mode now? :) xx

  9. is very pleased with herself :D

    1. Maureen


      You should be!! XX

  10. HI Mac - thanks for your comment! I'm really enjoying the book, which is completely different to anything I have ever read. I must admit I was a bit hesitant at first, but the writing really draws you into the story. I'll look forward to reading the sequel...

  11. The Shadow of the Wind is one of my favourite books of recent years. Well...it's in my top fifty, anyway! I hope you're enjoying it. There's the good second novel to look forward to, as well! Have a good evening. x