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  1. Hope you are ok and having fun wth the kids.



  2. I finished December tonight. I think the second half was slightly better have to say, but I kept waiting for more to happen. It had the ending I hoped it would, but thought it might have happened in a more dramatic way...not sure what exactly though. At least I can add to another book read in my reading list. What did you think. Did you write about it anywhere?

  3. Hi, how are you and your mojo doing, still enjoying The Broken Window? I started an Erica Spindler book (have you read any of hers - She`s brilliant!) and it was just what I needed to get my appetite for reading back on track :D I`ve got another Erica Spindler ready for when this one`s finished and Dexter is waiting at the library for me, hope my mojo stays with me. :smile2:

    Take Care :)

  4. Oh how very kind your words are, they made my heart feel relieved of some pain I was carrying. Like little flowers in a gentle breeze they were to my heart. Merci merci. And how are you doing these days, is the summer kind to you or are you ready to toss it away in favour of the gentle autumn? I am going to look for your posts mon ami and I will have something intelligent to say, oui?!

  5. Oh well it'll be interesting to see what we think of the 2nd half - when we get there - :lol:

  6. I'm like you about half way and keep waiting for something to give a boost. It is a bit slow. It sounded better on the back of the book than it has actually been I have to say.

  7. Well I did think it would be a book that would really grab me and draw me in, but alas this is not to be and I am finding it quite slow going. How far are you through? I'm almost half way through and am hoping it starts to develop into something I'll enjoy more.

  8. How are you/did you find 'December. I'm reading that one at the moment. Thought I would be reading it faster but seem to be taking a while to get through it! I gave it to my friend for birthday and have borrowed it back to read.

  9. At least you`re thinking positive thoughts! :lol:

    I might check online to see what the library have to offer, good idea thanks. :) I`ve never tried audio books before so it would be worth trying.

  10. Well it may be a cure for you. Could you borrow an audiobook from the library as a trial? I just find my mind drifts far to easily onto some trivia and I can become too easily lost in my own thoughts. I'm not sure why that is as I can listen to talk shows on radio and follow them fine. I suppose one possibility is that books read tend to not have lots and lots of emotion and so it's easier to switch off. I can listen to them but it takes me to be in a certain way. I certainly find actual reading easier for retaining the information.


    I am certainly enjoying Broken Window and I am determined to finish it this year! :lol:

  11. That answers my question - i was wondering whether an audio book would be a cure, obviously not then! :smile2:

    To save myself from temptation I`ve reserved Dexter and Roadside Crosses, both the books I want, from the library. Hopefully Dexter will arrive soon and I`ll see if he`s the answer to my problem!

    Broken Window was good, I hope you`re able to enjoy it without too much back tracking. :)

  12. Oh yes and I mustn't lose anymore or I may disappear! :lol: But thank you for your support.


    Good on Kookie for wanting a job :D - my daughter now has 2 jobs for the summer and with training with the athletics club and learning to surfboard and competing at athletics and finding time for her art homerwork she has quite a busy time. At least she hasn't had too much time to complain of being bored this summer. I think in general teens are great and I don't why people can complain about them so much. I know there will always be a few that spoil things but in general I've not met many that I can't get along with. Kids are great and ours do seem pretty good!


    I remember you pointing me in the direction of The Rosary Girls and I have picked this up but have not got to it yet. Erica Spindler rings a bell but don't believe I've read any as yet. Another name to add to my growing wishlist pile. It will have to come from the library though. I'm determined not to buy more books for the moment.

  13. You're welcome! :friends0:


    I read mostly crime and thriller too with a mix of other stuff inbetween. I like Jeffery Deaver too - I've read quite a few of his standalones and about the first five of the Lincoln Rhyme series. I'm listening to one on audio at the moment - The Broken Window, but even listening to that I keep finding my concentration wandering and then I keep having to go back to find out what I have missed! :roll::lol:

  14. Thank you for the friendship request. :friends0: