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  1. Read 3 books in 2012 already! Whoop!

    1. poppyshake
    2. karen.d


      wow you are a quick reader!

  2. Wondering what 2012 reading challenges to do...any suggestions?

    1. Ooshie


      I have signed up for Kell's Genre Challenge, I will be trying to read something from a different genre of book every month. I'm really looking forward to it! :)

  3. Hello, I have just been looking at your stitching pictures. I am very tempted to stitch one of Michael Powell's myself I just can't decide which one to do. Are they as easy as the look or can they be fiddly ?

  4. Hey stranger. I'm good thanks. Nice to see you back here. Hope you're well?

  5. Well I'm glad to hear you're doing okay! It's been same old same old for me, nothing special :) Now I'm going to pop in to see what you've been up to reading-wise :)

  6. I'm good thank you :-) Yeah life has just been busy so not been on here. You been up to much? xx

  7. Hi Kate, I'm alright, how are you? Haven't seen you in ages! I hope everything is going well :)

  8. Hey! How you doing? xx

  9. Hey! How are you?

  10. Hey! How are you? xx

  11. Hi Kate, I haven't seen you around in a long while, is everything alright? I hope you're good :)

  12. Hi - haven't seen you around in a while. Hope you're OK :)

  13. Did it on FB but nearly forgot here! Just in time to say Happy birthday for today. Hope you've had a great day. x

  14. has finished her first book of 2011!