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  1. Hey Pickwick!


    Yeah the cold is slowly going, just the soreness in the joints now.


    Yes he really is an inspiration. It really is a rewarding job, but at the same time can be at times infuriating.


    It is annoying that I can't seem to get into the book as much as I would have hoped.


    I hope you day is going well and the weather is as nice there as it is here.



  2. Yes thanks I am well no nasty cold germs yet.


    I was interested to know why you were reading 'the Girl'. Have Googled Larsson to find out a bit more about him and it was an eye-opener,I hadn't any idea that he had worked for Expo. He and his partner must have been under enormous pressure with the constant death threats. There are some people like Larsson who really try to make a difference,even putting their own lives at risk. So many dreadful things are happening in the world every day many of which we know can never be fully resolved however hard these dedicated people work.

    Working for Human Rights must be extremely frustrating and so rewarding when there is a positive result. I admire your choice of career.


    Hope today has been a good one for you and all those germs have gone.


    Cheers pickwick :)

  3. I am feeling a little better. But still feel very drained. Strange really I never really get that ill with colds, but this one has really hit me for ten!


    As for the Girl with the Dragon tattoo. I am still reading it, mainly because it is by a man who I have only just realised was the same man who inspired me into my field of work. I work within the field of Human rights and the author was the editor of a really well known anti-racist magazine.


    I hope you are well mate.



  4. Hi I hope that you are now feeling a lot better,try and stick with the book it really does get easier I very nearly gave up on it.


  5. Just wanted to say thanks for the hugs and get well soons on the 'What is you reading activity?' Thread.