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  1. Thanks all. I have not started yet hopefully I can join in the conversation when I am getting discharged. Looking forward to reading the books and having a chat! Talk soon
  2. Hi all. May I please join in? I am going into hospital for a few days and wanted something nice and easy to read so I have downloaded the first three books. Thank you []
  3. Absolutely not! I discovered my love for Stephen King at a very early age. Not being able to resist reading his books on the odd occasion my parents out I remember sitting in my bed, unable to move, heart pounding until they returned! Not much has changed apart from parents being replaced by the husband
  4. I so liked the sound of this, alas it is not released for another two weeks. I have added to my wishlist in the meantime. My most irrational fear is to not have a cover on when in bed (it can be just a sheet when hot but has to be something right up to my neck) or having my foot/arm dangling over the edge for fear of getting grabbed. Completely irrational I know!
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. :sign0072: Hope it was a good one.
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  8. :sign0072: hoping you have a good one with cakes and books ;)
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  15. Hope you had a lovely birthday Susanne.