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  1. ii

    I'm worried about you. I gave The Time Traveller's Wife only 7/10 and you still haven't told me off... What's wrong with you? Should I call someone? Have you commited again? You know I hate doing that...



  2. ii

    Or keyholes, for that matter. *cracks up*


    Oh, you have nothing to worry about! It's not 'last minute' until Sunday 6pm. And even that's only if you have more that five pages to write. For less-than-5-pages it's 8pm. *nods knowingly*


    I consider my weekend only now begun. I had to go over for lunch at my grandmother's. It's okay though, I like her. Tiring, but okay. And I did manage to stop by a friend to give her her wrap, and also to do some shopping, so it was a good day.

  3. ii

    Yes, well... you know what they say about eavesdropping and lurking... *laughs*

    And if that's the biggest 'fault' in your tastes, I think we'll get along, no?


    How's the weekend starting?

  4. ii

    Oh, you'll be glad you did! Toew's other one, A Boy of Good Breeding, was brilliant too.

  5. ii

    But of course... A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews is a story about a girl who grows up in a religious community in rural Canada. It's such a beautiful powerful book! I wrote about it on my blog thread, on page 3, if I remember correctly. I'd link you but...

  6. ii

    Oh, that's excellent news! Just take it easy...


    Chimera has good taste in books, eventhough she wasn't overly enthusiastic about A Complicated Kindness...



  7. ii

    Hi Dahlin'!


    Feeling any better?



  8. ii

    Desperate times and all that... Please, being French is like having a carte blanche in this things, according to non-French. *laughs* Or so they think. Until it's them, of course.


    True that. I'm not sure if I want to continue for a PhD, really, but I wouldn't mind exploring them in some capacity...


    Oh, enjoy! I thought about it, but I have so much on my plate right now that I think I'll focus on the Scarlet Letter for March.


    Good night!

  9. ii

    You should at least get a medal!


    Oooh, good idea! And I'm awfully good at bribery, too. And with Ski Guy, it would be my pleasure... Only thing is, I'm not sure BF would quite approve of my methods of bribery being used on Ski Guy... Could I plead French heritage here?


    So true!! It doesn't feel like wasting your time at all! And even more, I'm constantly drawing hockey-links in my mind, thinking "ooh, that could be applied to hockey, if used this way that could be used to explaing this-and-that in hockey" so it feels even more like real work. Only, it has really nothing whatsoever to do with my thesis! It's infuriating! Tomorrow I'm going back to theory. I think I solved a problem I had earlier today, about theory applications. Fun fun fun!

    Thank you!

  10. ii

    Awww, you survived! I'll throw you a party. There will be arches erected to celebrate your achievements, avenues named after you... *laughs*


    Ski Guy joined forces with BF, I can't go watch the World's unless I've turned in a draft. He's evil.


    I get sidetracked a LOT. Because Economics of Sports is a relatively new area of study, I need to do a review chapter, just an overview of what's been written in the area and especially about the NHL. So I'm reading through studies that aren't really about my focus but need to be mentioned. And they're interesting beyond description! So I'm checking their references, further studies, studies that quoted them and took the issue further... I'm off on a tangent with nothing useful done the whole day, just hours wasted reading on how game theory can be applied to tennis serves. (fascinating, theory and practice are totally compatible there!) See??? *bangs her head to the wall* It's coming... I'll be very effective tomorrow, I promise!



  11. ii

    Thank you! I took a look around the thread, and I'm pretty sure I'm not missing out much, as far as my tastes are concerned. Thanks for reminding me about the thread, though! It was kind of you.




  12. Hi!

    Really? Cool! It's just so pretty... And I'm flattered. You're in Dubai, with your new husband, checking out the liquor, and thinking of me... or should I be worried?? *cracks up*


    How was the trip?



  13. ii

    Awww, poor you! *hugs* Glad it's just life, though. And active WE sounds brilliant! I hope you had time to relax, too.

    The unread posts, I know! I usually just go to the quiz part and mark those read, that should get the pot count down considerably. Then I mark the forums I don't really care about, like horror and such. I've long ago given up on trying to read everything. *laughs*


    I'm good, thank you. I was supposed to go to Stockholm for a quick shopping trip but that didn't work out to a friend of mine. Apart from that, I have no plans. Maybe try to catch some skiing once I get my thesis to my prof. It's about time I turn in the first whole draft!




  14. ii

    Hi, Sweetie!


    How are you? Everything okay?

    I was just wondering, you've seemed a bit more quiet around here (or at least I haven't seen your posts much), so I hope nothing's wrong. I assume you've just been busy with school and work and things.


    Anyways, just checking... I've missed you.




  15. ii

    *laughs* Okay, I'll make it a priority. Next time I feel like reading in Finnish, or don't mind it, I'll reach for this one.

  16. ii

    "Yeah, you come across as the type to read books that require a degree of intellect"


    Why, thank you! I'm flattered. And you're right about the mindless fluff. We all need that every now and then. Be it chick-lit, or YA, or self-help (I love those extreme-fluff 'how to have a glamorous life' books, they make me laugh!), it's all about escaping.


    I actually have The Time-Traveller's Wife on my TBR pile. I bought it some time ago after hearing so much good things about it. I'm actually looking forward to it, but I haven't really felt like it yet. It's in Finnish, so it takes a special mood to read.


    I studied Philosophy for a year back in Paris before I moved to Finland and my current school. And I still love it. So The Time-Traveller's Wife is sounding all the more better...

  17. ii

    Well, you probably haven't gotten a feel of my book taste, as there really isn't a set group of books I like. I like classics such as Wharton and Austen and the Dead Russian Dudes. I love books that are well written (well, d'oh!). Language and its use has always been really important to me (I pay more attention to the lyrics and the melody in a song), probably because I've never had my 'own' language. That's why I loved Waiting so much. I like books that make me think, engage me. I like smart books, you could say. Of course the occasional chick-lit, but even then it has to be funny enough to hold my attention. *laughs* Like I said, there really isn't a set type.

  18. ii



    Oh, sure thing. And Janet did have a point. Not that I'm one to preach about not going off-topic, I've had entire thread created purely for my off-topicing. (yes, that's a word. At least from now on.)


    And while I'm no fan of psychology myself (call it after-effects of years of therapy), I do find shifts in culture, such as the role of fairy tales, fascinating. The real problem with books like that for me is that they're just too scary! I don't read horror, I don't watch horror, in fact most 'psychological thrillers' are too much for me. And I'm convinced one of these days when I go to the basement of the building I live in, a murderer is going to attack me. I have too lively imagination to read or watch anything remotely scary. I get nightmares from Agatha Christie novels!

  19. ii



    Sure thing, thank you for asking.

  20. ii

    Bonsoir, Janet!


    Thank you! 1924 France is turning out really tricky! So if the English version was published 1924, and the original 1922, that might be close enough. I'll take a closer look as soon as I can. Thank you!

  21. ii

    They are pretty! And surprisingly comfortable. Can't use them anywhere, but I just had to have the the minute I saw them.

    And anytime. Shoes are one of my favourite conversations topics, after all! *grin*

  22. ii

    Okay... remember, I told you these are ridiculously impractical and frivolous!


    I cannot put a link here, so just go to sergiorossi.com, they're right there on the front page!


    If you want a more detailed look, go to the US pages (just click any of the links), select 'Collections' from the upper navigation, and Women's, and Fall/Winter 2008. It opens the boots directly. It's the third last. *grin*

  23. ii

    Oh, good, good. I love the writing, too. I loved The Age of Innocence and have Customs of the Country (or something like that) waiting for me at home, so hopefully I get to enjoy it once again soon. Although it's been years since I read House of Mirth, so I'm tempted to reread it.


    It was, yes. And the movie is brilliant! Of course I didn't see it right after reading, but she did a wonderful performance, absolutely worth watching!


    Lucky you! I'm curious on what they'll recommend. You'll have to keep us all posted.


    Hey, I never disagree to disagree on shoes. Means my friends won't be fighting me in the store for the last pair. *laughs* Now I'm almost forced to find you a pic of those boots, though.

  24. ii

    *laughs and makes a face* My pleasure! Always happy to cause trouble.


    Seriously though, House of Mirth is incredibly beautiful and ... I don't want to say sad, 'cause that'll turn you off, but let's say it left me feeling a bit fragile, as odd as it sounds. It's tragic, and sad and beautiful and despite it all you will be glad you read it in the end. Of course now that I hype it up you'll be disappointed, as it always goes. Wharton really knows the world she writes about (it was her world, her social circles, after all) and that knowledge, of both the good and the bad, shows in the sort of fullness of the characters. They're multidimensional. I do hope you'll enjoy the book! (Who knows, maybe our tastes in books are more similar than our tastes in shoes! *laughs*)

  25. ii

    *laughs* I know. Thank you, I'm pretty happy about that myself. I'm just worried that this will put people off the CC as this is a difficult book.


    For me it's this particular book that's the problem. I'm reading Les Liaisons dangereuses at the same time and loving it, so it's not the "old style". It's just Hardy. I don't like the guy.


    I've ad a good weekend so far, thank you! I'm feeling loads better, so I can actually do something other than watch TV and drink hot chocolate and listen to the calories have a conference at my hips. And I found a perfect cure for my red nose, so I'm a very happy little elf right now!


    How was your weekend? Just lazying around, I hope?