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  1. Yeah...


    There's the "email this person" or whatever it was link on my profile, at the "contact info". That's the way to reach me for starters. I don't like writing it out, this way I have some control over who gets it. I'm pretty paranoid about random people knowing it, or more to the point, people knowing it without me knowing they know. Weird, I know. *laughs*

  2. Thank you, Andrea.

    I'm sorry to leave too. In the end I didn't feel I had any real option, though.

    Maybe now things will be less, shall I say volatile around here. *dry smile*

    I'll miss your comments, that's for sure!


  3. ii

    Hi Frankie,


    sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, yesterday turned out pretty crazy for me in the end. *laughs*


    It has nothing to do with my friends here at the forum, friends like you. I will miss you all, for sure. And I do hope we'll stay in touch.


  4. ii

    Good morning, Mac! And welcome back.

    Glad you enjoyed it, it was indeed meant to be a tongue-in-cheek reminder that there's a new book coming up for a discussion. Unfortunately it now seems not all are seeing it that way at all. So even more so, thank you for your message.


    I am fine, thank you. I hope you've caused plenty of trouble of late and are now here to catch up on gossip and drama. We do try our best, you see!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about Glen's dad. *big hugs*

  6. ii

    Hahahaa... Well, yeah, you have a point there. *cracks up* ... Sounds good, though. And yes, permanent job is a scary thought.


    In the ii-world, that is exciting. Just like the fact that I was able to pick up a copy of An introduction to Game Theory by M. Osborne today on my way to work. It's not part of the Big Plan, but it's a step in that direction. It's in the Big Plan, Reality Version. *laughs* But mostly it's just about the fun of talking about these things. If a job should come out of it, all the better. And they do say you should start with baby steps, so the Finnish league is a natural stepping stone for the NHL. (and then the world. *laughs*)


    Must check out Le Petit Nicolas, I remember loving those books.



  7. Aww, that's wonderful! It's good to get back to routines, isn't it?

    You're looking for work? What kind?


    I'm still doing that, wrapping up the last bits of school work, believe it or not. I don't know if you heard, but my thesis supervisor passed away a while back all of a sudden. He was also a good friend, so that was pretty devastating. But, I'm getting things done... BF's fine, never better. Same old wonderful BF. He was asking about you the other day, actually. Perfect Morning-After Voice suggested I should contact his team about a job. He just wants me to cook for him. *laughs* What else... I think DD has a new girlfriend. Like, serious girlfriend. But nothing too amazing happening here, really.



  8. ii

    Oh, that's wonderful. And I'm glad everything worked out with the flat. Don't mock the parisian life, it produced me after all! *cracks up* What are you doing these days?


    They're both going fine, thank you. In more interesting news, I'm meeting up with a hockey exec here in Finland on Friday to talk about hockey! *laughs* That made my week last week. And this week, too. I'm so easy it's embarrasing.



  9. Beeeeeeeeth!!!! You're back!!

    How are you?? Tell me everything! Oh, there's so much to talk about...


    God, I've missed you!


  10. ii

    Welcome back! I've missed you!

    How are you??


    Oh, and you should read A Boy of Good Breeding by Toews. I loved that one as well, which is why I felt confident with The Flying Troutmans...


    I'm so glad you have you back!!


  11. Hi!


    I didn't want to add too many of my own suggestions for the poll, and as there had been interest by two for the Williams play and just you and me for The Diving Pool, the play won.


    But, I'd love to read it more or less together, if you're up for it. Sort of a shadow circle. *laughs* I read a few first pages and felt it was really good!


    Let me know what you think. And if you're interested, when you have time. There's no rush, though. I know you have a circle to host in few weeks.



  12. ii

    Hi Ben,


    I'm good, thank you. And you? Did you have a nice weekend?

  13. ii

    Oh! Well, all the better, then! *laughs* It's a pain, I know. But be patient, you'll find your place.


    Thank you. I'm really fond of it, it's a good real estate investment. As for the full time job... gosh! So odd. *laughs*

  14. ii

    Oh, that's wonderful. Enjoy your well-earned day off. How's the apartment hunting going?


    I'm good, thank you. Started at my job a month ago, and slowly getting used to showing up at work at 9am Monday to Friday. *laughs* I bought an apartment, and now need to decide on the decorating. Just iced all plans on Saturday as I fell in love with a new color. BF's laughing at me.

  15. ii

    Glad to have you back!


    How are you?

  16. ii

    Thank you, Mac. It is a sad time for us all. He was indeed someone I had the highest respect for, in fact he was the very reason I returned to Finland and decided to do my university studies here.


    Platitudes as good, they give us something to say when we have least words at our disposal. They also offer us the protection of any real emotion, we can hide behind the platitudes and the fact that they are such (even when meant in earnest) makes it easier to receive them. From experience I've learned that it's the personal stuff that breaks you. So platitudes are good. You know what I mean?


    Thank you for your kind thoughts. They are very much appreciated.

  17. ii

    Thank you, Inver. *hugs*

  18. ii

    Good afternoon, Mac!

    Oh, that's not good about your back. Is it any better by now?

    My Sunday was good. I'm still moving my things to my grandmother's, temporarily, and looking for a place for myself. I haven't yet found a place I liked...


    Take care!


  19. Well, I am! Not anymore so much, thank you. I got a few projects to work on. I don't know, maybe I'm missing something, or the previous girl was really slow, 'cause they actually expect me to take more time to complete some stuff. But yeah, while I was bored, it wasn't like "working's boring" but "I have nothing to do 'cause I'm too amazing". *laughs* We'll see, maybe I'll start updating my blog more! *cracks up*


    Awww, poor Raja!! Do give him a hug from me, that's no fun... You play golf?? Glad to hear it was a good trip, though. (Well, obviously excluding Raja's little mishap.)


    Weekend was good. I spent most of it moving, so... And my boys are gone again. BF and Perfect Morning-After Voice and even Ski Guy are back being athletes and no one's left to keep me entertained... *pouts*

  20. How was the trip???

    And I'm bored already at work... *laughs*

  21. Happy Birthday, Dahlin! *big hug*


    I'll be sending you a birthday email later today...



  22. I got your reply, thank you. The one with actual words in it, too! *laughs*

    Aww, poor thing. Try yoghurt. Or put a jar of body lotion in the fridge for a few hours. That should help. ...


    I'm so lost on everything that's happened on the forum, I need a recap. *laughs* Anything I should know about?

  23. Hi Sweetheart!


    I actually emailed you today, totally out of the blue, can you believe it?!


    How are you? I've missed you, believe it or not. I was lounging on the yacht, hanging out with some great people, and thought to myself "Beth should be here"...


    I didn't really have anything to say, just dropped by to say hi. So... Hi.

  24. On your profile with Mac. *laughs* It's okay. And the difficulty comes form the multitude of small estates. It's so troublesome to keep track...


    Politics, football and literature. Sounds good. And I might have a proposition to you. Nothing dirty, mind you! But I'll PM you.


    I'm good. As I just said to Peacefield, it's been a good start of the week: my security guy nearly shot himself, BF's giving my best friend smart-ass comments and I'm driving Ski Guy bonkers. I'm having a blast! *laughs* Oh, and I've been sorting through stuff, cataloguing books and stuff.

  25. Hello Sweetheart!


    What are you doing, talking about Italian wine without me... *shakes head in disappointment*


    How are you? I've been missing you on the forum, I think.