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  1. Thanks you so much everyone. Yes I had a lovely day, lots of cards and presents and taken to lunch at a posh hotel by my everloving other half.

  2. We are well thanks. Been very busy in the garden and doing some spring cleaning.

  3. I see congratulations are due for your wedding anniversary, so Happy Anniversary to you both. Are you going out? if so have fun

  4. What a great name you have given yourself lol

  5. :5birthday:Hope you have a good day

  6. He comes into my garden most mornings and struts his stuff. If the robin gets anywhere near him he chases him off. Funny to watch

  7. Oh yes you don't like chocolate do you lol? What a brave mum you are!!

  8. Hello Inver, just thought I would drop in and say hello!! How're you doing?

  9. I read Forever Amber as a teenager a very long time ago and I loved it. Nice to meet you Andaira

  10. Of course, I have trained him to like all my friends. I see you check out the newbies as I do lol

  11. Hi Peaches, welcome to the forum. You live in one of my favourite parts of the UK, lucky you!!

  12. I am really sorry to hear about your aunt Ben. I do hope the treatment planned does the trick and she comes through it all. Its good for her to have a nephew like you.

  13. :5birthday:Hope you are having a great day Chris

  14. Hi Kookie, I think I know your mum

  15. You have been busy on here today:mrgreen:xx

  16. My husband grew up and lived in Kidderminster most of his life, until he came down South to marry me (2nd time around). Just thought you would be interested.

  17. I loved Emma. I think she is almost a "modern" young woman. I am sure you will enjoy the book as you progress further. If you haven't tried Pride and Prejudice, then do because if you like Emma, you will love P & P. Welcome to the forum Zmae

  18. Thank you for your friendship request which I am delighted to accept.

  19. Thanks for that useful information Malyneczka

  20. I wish she was my dog!!! She belongs to my friend who lives in Canada and whom I visited in 2007. Her name is Daisy and she is pictured by the lake where their weekend "cottage" is.

  21. Well it was on More 4 was't it? Do they have an Iplayer like BBC? I think it will be repeated on Channel 4 later on. They usually do. I have missed such a lot of ER over the past couple of years, everyone will be new to me except Abby :-)

  22. Hi there KR, I took a break for a while. That Westie is called Daisy and she belongs to my Canadian friend whom we visited in 2007. She is a real character, absolutely gorgeous. The lake where the photo is taken is "their" lake, ie they have a cabin (they call it cottage) there which they used a great deal when the kids were little. It has fallen into disrepair now, but they have all decided to pull together and put it to rights. Should be great. I visited there in 1980 and it was beauiful.