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  1. Hi Tiger, how're you doing today?

  2. Hello there, just passing through and saying welcome to the forum

  3. Hello Anne, my name is Ann too only without the 'e'. Welcome to the forum

  4. Greetings Magicstart, welcome to the forum.

  5. Hi Stephanie, just passing through, love your site

  6. He is real cute isnt he? He landed on me while I was scrabbling around in the bushes in my garden, but I didnt notice him until I felt this tickle on my neck. Unfortunately I didnt realise what it was and just brushed my hand over my neck a bit roughly. He got on to my hand, but I noticed in the photo that one of his antennae looks damaged. I do hope I didnt do that :-(

  7. Happy birthday Sedge

  8. Are they offering any treatment? Tinnitus - well they can't cure that can they? Its a b***er aint it. BTW did you get R's text?

  9. Well what the hell does that mean? Is it better than having Meniere's (I hope). Why dont you think its this thing.?

  10. Yay!! its me again:friends0::D

  11. Hello Paula. Just finished work?

  12. I have posted a new thread by mistake in "TV/Films. I couldnt find the way to delete one of them. Can you deal with it please? Thanks. Ann

  13. Thanks for asking me to be a friend Trish. I am happy to accept. Ann (SG)

  14. How was the knitting exhibition?

  15. I would love to visit BC and the Rockies!! We were in Ontario last year which I have visited before and I have also visited Nova Scotia.

  16. You are very welcome. I really love Canada, whereabouts do you live? I wasnt sure if you meant the post I made in response to your post about female circumcision, but anyway, thanks for wanting my friendship which I duly give with pleasure.

  17. Ah, once again a visitor from Canada! I love your country Wordsgood. Welcome to the forum, I hope you have fun here

  18. :hbsign:Hiya Diane, hope you are having a good one

  19. Hi Paula, how are you? What's been happening in the Hunt Household this week?

  20. Bit fed up with the weather at the moment. We had a glorious day yesterday, wall to wall sunshine, but rain and thunderstorms today. :-( Thanks for asking, hope you are well.

  21. Hi Molly, I love Canada, whereabouts do you live? I have friends in Ottawa, Toronto and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Hope you enjoy the forum

  22. Which book are you getting from Newbooks?

  23. Happy Birthday PM, hope you are having a good one

  24. BTW congrats on getting your review published in Newbooks. I would like to borrow Boy A so can you bring it with you on Saturday please? I have just read the write up of that in Newbooks and I really fancy it.


    Wouldnt mind No Time for Goodbye as well, if Mike has finished it;)

  25. Hi Paula - what's the news?