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  1. Thanks Diane. I DID get a naughty cake from the OH!! How did you know??? I also got breakfast in bed, lots of cards and pressies. Thanks for your greetings xxx

  2. Thank you Kate for your good wishes.

  3. How sweet thank you very much

  4. And thanks for your friend request which I am happy to accept.

  5. I think it is standing on one leg Diane lol

  6. Hi Janet, thanks for your greetings. I am having a great day so far.

  7. Thanks Nici, the sun is shining and the day looks good so far. Loads of presents and cards, but no books!!!

  8. Thanks for your greetings. You can rest assured I am being spoiled rotten Karen. Got lots of cards and presents

  9. Thanks, the sun is shining and I am having a great birthday thanks

  10. Thank you for your greetings, hope all is well with you.

  11. Thanks Kylie, good day so far, lots of lovely presents and cards

  12. Hi WG, call me Ann by all means. Thanks for your greeting and I hope you are doing ok. I am still recovering from the first cold I have had in about 3 years. It just wont leave me. I am over the worst, but still have to keep blowing my nose and clearing my throat.:motz:

  13. I didnt realise it was today you started that course, sorry I didnt ask about it. Do you have far to travel?

  14. That spider was in my bath just as I was going to turn on the shower and I ran out screaming. OH just reached for the camera. Have you noticed the hairs on its legs??Eough!!!!

  15. Thanks for inviting me to be your friend which I humbly accept:friends3:

  16. The 27th? at Bluewater. Yes I will be with my daughter H&D. I have been taking lemon and honey, paracetamol and Covonia cough syrup. It is working - slowly. I felt better after I got up and had a shower and washed my hair today and OH cooked my dinner.

  17. Got a rotten cold at the moment, so am feeling a bit sorry for myself. Glad to see you are getting on top of your problems.

  18. Do I take it you wish the bug to be reinstated? I havent found out what it was yet, as soon as I do I will let you know immediately

  19. How was Stevie Wonder then

  20. I am good thanks Echo:friends0:

  21. Sorry to hear that Loo. I am fine thanks.

  22. Wow I like the colour scheme!! How are you today?

  23. Hiya Echo, how are you today?