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  1. I used to be an Annie M, until I changed my name on marriage. Enjoy the forum Annie

  2. Re drawing, yes it is being framed, we were supposed to pick it up today, but too busy, so we are going over tomorrow. Should look great

  3. Isnt he an absolute sweetie?! I love him to bits.

  4. Isn't he the sweetest thing? Well you may have seen that I have joined a reading group on U3A which I am sure I will enjoy. I have also been busy with the singing group sorting out their music (flipping nightmare!!). OH is cooking my dinner tonight, he does that once a week. Have you had an email from Green Metropolis about the things they are going to add to their site? Looks interesting, they are including a Forum as well. I hope you are well Diane. I am currently reading Small Island by Andrea Levy (reading group book), but have The Stand on the side as well lol. Thanks for asking, lots of love.

  5. I am so old, I have 2 almost grown up grandchildren 16 and 14 lol!! I know Woodingdean, used to have friends there who lived in Cowley Drive/Road I think it was. Nice area. Yes Littlehampton can be windy - isnt everywhere these days? I retired down to Sussex having spent most of my life in Cheam, Surrey. I also spent a lot of my time in Littlehampton as a teenager and as a mum with small kids. Had loads of flirtatious down here in the 50s woohoo!! My "girl"friend from those days now lives in Canada and we always reminisce when we meet.

  6. My labby used to do that. I think it must be comfortable for them, bit like us sprawling on the sofa isnt it?

  7. Glad you found it helpful Nici. I thought it was a good sensible article.

  8. Hi Nici, did you get that mag yet??

  9. Hi Eve, welcome to the Forum, hope you enjoy

  10. Thank you Rennie, yes I had a lovely day. 2 days later I went up to Birmingham to celebrate my stepdaughter's 40th. I am very well thank you and I hope you are too. Loving the fine weather here on the South Coast at the moment.

  11. Oh yes definitely I know Brighton - London by sea and full of buzz lol. I live a little way along the coast from you at Littlehampton. I have lived here 4 years but have known the whole area since I was a child (a long long long time ago). Nice to meat you Pip

  12. Hello Pipread, I have just found you and I notice you live in Sussex, may I ask whereabouts? Welcome to the forum

  13. They never do even when they are all grown up. The best thing that happened to me on my birthday was my grandson ringing me to wish me a Happy birthday as soon as he got in from school without being told to!! He is nearly 16.

  14. ~What a lovely mum you are

  15. :hbsign: Kenny


    Hope you have a great day. September is a good month to be born in!!!

  16. Nah too old for parties, cant stand the noise lol

  17. Thanks for your greetings LL, I have had a lovely day, just wish the years weren't adding up the way they are.

  18. I am thank you Jules and the weather played its part too. I had a very nice birthday lunch with my OH and received lots of cards, presents and phone calls from friends and family.

  19. Hi there, hope you are enjoying the forum

  20. Thank you so much Mia xx

  21. Thank you so much for your greetings. My ears are ringing with all the "Happy Birthdays".

  22. Thank you for your greetings PP. I have had a lovely day, lots of cards, presents and phone calls.

  23. Thanks for your kind greetings Sedge. Ann x

  24. Thanks Tiger you are very sweet.

  25. Which ones?? I was christened that by my first OH after my daughter presented me with a grandson. He is now nearly 16 and 6ft 2 inches tall. Thanks for your greetings Maureen