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  1. Sedge

    Hi Mac. Yep, all's well. Bit damp though - have you seen the Great St Austell Floods on the news?

  2. Hi Inver - awesome news for Andy! If he doesn't mind a small commute every Saturday, I'm sure we could find a place for him at Poltair Park!

  3. I had to quit the committee a while ago for health reasons, but I'm still on the sidelines for every match and do odd bits & pieces to help out. Our fanbase is increasing nicely - I'm no longer the only supporter under 65!

  4. Sedge

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes Echo!

  5. Thanks for the Birthday wishes Inver. I celebrated by watching St Austell lose to the Royal Marines - oops!

  6. Hi Inver. I've been otherwise engaged lately, but hopefully I'll start to squeeze back into the forum more regularly soon!

  7. Thanks for the Birthday wishes rach. It was a great day - I'll have to have another one next year!

  8. Sedge

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes Mac! It's been an awesome weekend - I even persuaded Mrs Sedge (an avowed loather of sport) to come to the football match yesterday!

  9. Hi Janet, thanks for the Birthday wishes! I've just turned 36 but I think I can still pass for 35!

  10. Thanks for the Birthday wishes Charm! It's a sunny Saturday down here and I'm off to the football this afternoon - perfect!

  11. Thanks for the Birthday wishes Roland! I haven't been on here as often as I'd like lately, but I'll still be around. The mighty St Austell are currently enjoying life in the Premier Division. We've had mixed results, but we're having a good time!

  12. Sedge

    Good Morrow Mac! I'm not getting on here as much as I like, but I'm still poking my head around the door occasionally!

    I'm just quietly doing my thing and enjoying life - how's you?

  13. Sounds like it was a good game Inver! We had a slight hiccup in a friendly against a team two leagues below us - 5-0!

  14. Hi Inver, welcome back! I've been offline for a day or two as well - how are you doing?

  15. Happy Birthday Nightwish!:bestw:

  16. Happy Birthday Heather!:bestw:

  17. Happy Birthday Tiger!:bestw:

  18. Sedge

    Happy Birthday Mia!:bestw:

  19. Hope you're having a great Birthday!:bestw:

  20. Sedge

    Just being mellow and basking in the sun Mac - how's time passing where you are?

  21. Happy Birthday!:bestw:

  22. Happy Birthday Janet!:bestw:

  23. Hi Univerze! I'm glad to hear from another Wheel of Timer - The Dragon Reborn is great and I have The Shadow Rising on standby!

  24. Happy Birthday!:bestw: