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  1. More football

    I've been neglecting the forum lately, but here I am. The Austell got off to a rocketing start, not conceding a goal in our first four matches: 2-0,3-0,4-0 and 5-0. Then sadly the wheels came off with three straight defeats: 5-2,1-0 and 2-0. Our goalless run continued today with a 0-0 draw in our worst period for five years. Luckily nobody is running away with the lead yet so we're still only three points off the top. More striking practice required I think! Good luck for the rest of your season Inver!
  2. More football

    Second is a great achievement Inver. Well done to the lads.☺ In our league,when a team concedes a game it's officially declared a draw but the offending team is docked three points which are then awarded to the opponents. All very confusing.
  3. More football

    Don't lose hope Inver. End of season results can be pretty strange.☺
  4. More football

    2-1 was the final score Inver, so they can be proud. They were also beaten finalists in 2009. I quite enjoy the playoffs. I'm keeping an eye on Plymouth Argyle at the moment. I'd like to wish them well but they have a large Cornish fanbase so the more successful they are, the more support they take away from us!
  5. More football

    Excellent! Sounds like a barnstormer of a game! I can imagine the reaction when your fourth goal went in.☺ Well done Culter - you've had an excellent season and a result like this promises even more for next season. I kept an eye on events at Wembley yesterday where the FA Vase Final took place. Glossop (our semi-final opponents) led 1-0 until the last fifteen minutes but were forced into extra time. North Shields scored again before one of the Glossop lads had to go off following a head injury and they were reduced to ten men for the last period. It was a huge shame for them - they're a great bunch of lads. We now have an unofficial St Austell supporters group in Glossop and they have likewise down here. It was a fantastic experience for both clubs. Maybe we can meet them again next season.☺
  6. More football

    Never mind Inver. At least it keeps your season of excitement going.☺ We approached Witheridge in party mood, but I fear we were too relaxed and ended our season with a 3-2 defeat (only the second time this season we'd conceded three goals). They still applauded us off the field though and the win got them a top six finish so everyone went home happy. Bring on the July friendlies!
  7. More football

    Tuesday sounds like it could be an epic! I love head to head matches between teams fighting for the same position. Come on Culter! We played the wooden-spoonists yesterday and came away with a 4-1 win, scoring our 100th league goal in the process. We were a bit light on subs so when one of our top goalscorers came off with an injury, we had to replace him with our 47 year old assistant manager (and formerly Cornwall's greatest goalkeeper)! Our season rounds off tomorrow with our longest trip of the season to North Devon. I haven't done the precise maths, but this could be our 65th game since August! There'll be some tired legs. ☺
  8. More football

    Great achievement by your lads Inver - it's good to have something to smile about at the end of the season! We signed off our home season with an entertaining 3-2 win tonight. We gave some of our fringe players a run-out. There was a real party atmosphere right from the start and the league trophy presentation was something to be remembered. It's fantastic to be a part of it!
  9. More football

    Thanks Inver! That's the kind of keeper you need. I'm typing this at 7:10 so I hope things have started well. Good Luck!☺
  10. More football

    Your good wishes certainly helped Inver - we won 3-0 to take our first championship in 46 years! After a few laboured performances, we were really on form tonight. Walking off the field with our opponents forming a guard of honour was quite a feeling! This is how champions feel - I like it! And we have the distinction of being the first ever Peninsula League champions not to play in yellow!☺
  11. More football

    Nice going from your U17s Inver - sounds like the supporters got their money's worth! Our nearest rivals, Bodmin Town suffered a shock home defeat on Friday and we got the win we wanted yesterday to make the championship a two-horse race. We now need one point from our remaining four matches to win the league. The script has been beautifully written as our next match will be at home to Bodmin tomorrow! To win the title at home to our arch rivals (and the most successful team in the history of the league) would be a dream.☺ I'm still going to hold on to a healthy dose of pessimism though until that precious point has been won.
  12. More football

    We haven't quite hit a brick wall yet but we're starting to wade through treacle. We held on for a 1-1 draw against a side in the bottom six. This could set things up nicely for our showdown against Bodmin Town next Monday.
  13. More football

    Thanks Inver. A 3-1 win last night put us on top of the table after 8 long months!☺ Things are gradually getting simpler. A win tomorrow night would put us in a truly fantastic position. If our nearest rivals lose or draw on Friday (against the outgoing champions), we just need a Saturday victory to lift the title. It would almost be a shame as we'll be playing said rivals next Monday. It would be great for that to be the title decider. Like I said, things are getting simpler but still aren't too clear!
  14. More football

    Happiness all round then Inver! ☺ Many of our rivals appear to have thrown in the towel. Mathematically it looks to be just a case of us catching up with our games in hand and collecting the league trophy. Unfortunately life isn't often that straight forward and with a match every two days, fitness could be a real problem! As far as the title contenders go, this is how our table looks: PLAYED WON DRAWN LOST GOAL DIFF POINTS Bodmin Town 33 24 6 3 56 78 St Austell 29 24 3 2 62 77 Saltash United 34 25 2 7 26 77 You may notice that our points don't match up with our wins/draws/losses. This is down to a match earlier in the season where our opponents couldn't raise a side and we were awarded the 3 points, but officially the game had to be recorded as a draw. We play again on Monday against the league's draw specialists. Fingers crossed we can finally top the table then! (Apologies for the confusing table - I haven't quite got the hang of the presentation yet!)
  15. More football

    The world of mathematical weirdness has seen us overtake the league leaders with a 1-1 draw but remain in second. Bodmin Town (who were a point behind us in third) managed a win to go top by a point. This is true end of season excitement. And we still have to play Bodmin again soon!