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  1. Thank you so much Michelle - really looking forward to reading this as everyone seems to rave about them so much.

  2. Just to let you know you won the blog competition, for the Raven Hart book. I emailed her your address last night, but she's apparently ran out, and is waiting for a new batch to come in.. so it may take a little while. Sorry about that, but congratulations!

  3. Sorry Supergran I'm rubbish at noticing when I have a message! I'm in Enfield which is right on the outskirts of North London. I used to spend a fair bit of time in Harrow around 15 years ago

  4. Hi Annie, just dropped in to say hello how are you. Where abouts in North London do you live, my daughter is in Harrow, but I think that is more north west London.

  5. Hi Supergran - Just finished it. I'm reading them in order & think I will enjoy them even more as I get to know the character better

  6. Hi there annie, notice you are reading Lee Child. I have read most of the earlier books, but have slipped back on his latest ones. I have always enjoyed them, very tense and exciting too,.

  7. Hello from me too.

  8. Hiya! Just flitting around! :)

  9. I am currently up to 76 and am hoping to have read 100 by the end of the year. My reading rate has slowed down in the last few weeks so not sure if i'm going to make it.