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  1. Loved this book having a history of depression I really enjoyed it
  2. Hemingway

    Not read his books but I been to his favourite bars in Cuba!
  3. I am back!

    My fav reading partners
  4. I am back!

    I haven't been on for a while but I have been loitering in a non creepy way! Got back into reading and it is really helping my insomnia! Trying to read more physical books then kindle books so my daughter who is 6 knows I am reading and not just playing on my kindle! Besides I get to read all the ace kids books with her! It's good to have some escapism as I have started a new job which is full on and I look after my dad with Alzheimer's too
  5. James Patterson

    I like them when I am in the mood for an easy read without some adventure, or a bit of a thriller
  6. Charlie Parker Series

    Loved them, and also the author has a lurcher. Louie approves!