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  1. Popped back for a nosy! Still lost my reading mojo though :(

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    2. frankie


      Hi Nici, long time no see! I hope you get your mojo back soon xo

    3. Athena


      I hope you get your mojo back soon :).

    4. Janet


      Hi Nici - lovely to see you on here. :) x

  2. Drowning in uni work and missing the BCF X

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    2. SueK


      Now remember Nici, BCF is far more important than Uni work!

    3. Nici


      Miss you too Chrissy xx Hello Roland, I'm fine thanks :) on my way to becoming a social worker! Robbie's great - turned 16 this month eek! Hope you're ok. Sue - yes far more important lol :D

    4. ~Andrea~


      There you are! I thought we'd mislaid you. Hope uni is going well

  3. Hello Janet, thank you for the hug - I needed that! Yep super busy, lots of assignments, placement and voluntary work going on! But it's all good! xx

  4. You are very welcome! Did you get my thank you tweet for your card and the beautiful butterfly? xxx

  5. You are very welcome :) and thank you to you and O's as well! x

  6. has had a super great week :D

    1. Chrissy


      Glad to hear it, I hope this week is even better for you my lovely! X

    2. Maureen
    3. Nici


      Hi Maureen, how are you? x

  7. Reflective Practice, Crisis Intervention and the Psychodynamic approach. Nuff' said.

    1. Chrissy


      Is that the new one by Stephanie Meyer? :D

  8. is still recovering from my sisters wedding! <3

  9. Super busy with uni and wedding plans! 17 days until my sister gets married! <3

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    2. Nici


      It feels like it should be my wedding with all the planning I have been involved in!

    3. Weave


      I can't wait to see the wedding photos, I hope you are sharing them on facebook girlie :) x

    4. Nici


      Of course I will Paula! I reckon they will start appearing from other people the next day :) xx

  10. Two weeks into uni and I love it, even if I am shattered! Even got a uni hoodie :D

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    2. Raven


      Have you happy-slapped anyone yet? (good to hear you are enjoying it!).

    3. Nici


      Thanks Janet xxxx and no happy-slapping Raven, but have made sure I know where the Student Union Bar is! ;)

    4. Weave


      Glad you are enjoying it Nici x

  11. has spent the day recovering from my sisters hen weekend!

  12. is back from a lovely few days at Center Parcs!

  13. 2 more sleeps until my holiday! *Excited*

    1. Michelle


      Hope you have a great time - and enjoy your book! :)

    2. Nici


      I had a lovely time thanks, and got some vampire reading done :D x

  14. Heehee Christmas hugzs right back at you! :D xxx

  15. Judy! How are you? xxx

  16. Is accessing the BCF using an app on the iPhone. Clever stuff!  

  17. now has an Access to HE Diploma certificate - I've passed! Woo Hoo! :D

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    2. Raven


      Nici Dip, sounds like something you'd get as a side order at Nandos!

    3. anisia



    4. Nici


      Thank you xx

  18. Off to college today to pick up all my work (three lever arch files full) and hopefully my certificate...eek!

    1. Raven


      You need to be certified to carry large files?

    2. Nici
  19. just tucked the bunnies in for the night, blew them kisses and wished them sweet dreams ;D

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    2. Michelle
    3. Raven


      They'll be dreaming about Kylie's nose . . .

    4. Pixie


      Watch out for that one called Fang! ;)

  20. It makes me hungry every time I look at it! x

  21. They do look very tasty! :)

  22. They are certainly very yummy looking cakes! ;D

  23. is getting two baby bunny rabbits tomorrow *squeal* :D

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    2. Inver


      And the names will be?

    3. Nici


      Flip and Flop :D

    4. Ben


      They are actually adorable!

  24. Aw thanks for the hug :D and hello back! xx

  25. Just popping by to say hi! xx