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  1. PS. I notice that you're reading 'Alone in Berlin' - how are you finding it?

  2. Hi Weave - sorry I've just realised that I never replied to your message the other day. Yeah things are well with me - been a busy year. I've been to a few gigs which have been good fun - been getting in touch with my youth again - I mention this as I remember you're a fellow music fan. How are things with you - good I hope.

    Take care

    Judith xx

  3. Hi Judy, how are you? I am so sorry I have not been in touch :) x

  4. Good to see you, hope all is well. x

  5. Judy! How are you? xxx

  6. That's really good news - hope the course goes well. I think when you study later on it can be very fulfilling - it's hard juggling it with family responsibilities but well worth the effort - I wish you all the best in your future study and career - good for you!


    Glad things are good for your dad and Robbie - bet Romania was quite an experience for him.


    Take care


  7. Yes I am doing an Access to HE Course in Social Science for a year which will then give me the qualifications that I need to go to Uni to do the Social Work Degree. So four years of studying ahead of me but so worth it to become a Social Worker!


    Dad and Robbie are fine thanks, Robbie has just started year 9 at school and Dad has just returned from Romania, doing a sponsored trek for Macmillan.


    Life is pretty good at the moment. :)


    Nici xx

  8. I'm very well thanks. How's life with you? Am I right in thinking that you've started a college course? How are Robbie and your Dad? xx

  9. Judy, lovely to see you back! How are you? xx

  10. Nice to see you back again. :) Things are fine with me, thanks. I've been quite into reading recently, although I'm yet to find 2009s 'The Book Thief' or 'Mister Pip'! Still, it might turn up if I'm lucky.

  11. Hello - thanks for your message. Things are good with me - how about you? Been up to much? take care

  12. Hi Janet - thanks for leaving a message. Things are good with me - I haven't visited here for a while as I've found it hard to settle to reading but now am in the middle of a good book and have regained the reading habit. Hope things are well with you. Take care

  13. Hi Paula - thanks for leaving a message. I'm well. For some strange reason I've found it hard to get back into reading since Christmas but I'm halfway through A Small Part of History which I'm thoroughly enjoying so looks like I've regained the reading habit - thank goodness. Hope things are good with you. Take care x

  14. Hi Judy, how are you? Just stopping by to say hi, hope all is well with you :) x

  15. Just popped by to say 'hi' and that I hope you're okay. :)