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  1. And what greater role model could one ask for :) In my youth I thought Hanna Barbera was one woman as in Hanna being her Christian name and Barbera being her surname. I'm still as guileless after all these years! :roll:

    Take Care ~ Trish.

  2. Another good avatar, Sedge.

  3. I got that "Sisters in Arms" book. Now I have to find space to read it ~ ha! Hope you're well ~ Trish.

  4. Ohhhh NO : ( I just noticed my avatar as my message went through. I am so sorrry. Mea Culpa.

  5. Hiya Heather. Well Done on giving up smoking! Keep at it ~ Trish x

  6. Love the avatar! That is so cute!

  7. Cheers for that. It does look good and I'm definitely gonna buy it. Regretted not doing so soon as I got home. Bet I can read it before you can even.

  8. Hey there, Roland. How are you? I was just in town looking at that QA Nursing Sisters book you mentioned a while ago. I think I'm gonna buy it next week. Have you read it yet? If so would you be willing to give me your view on it? Thanks, ~ Trish and Jessie's.

  9. Thanks again, Michaela. Difficult when stories involve lots of characters and situations. I will let you know if and when I give this a go. Currently it is wayyy down my tbr pile. Take Care ~ Trish.

  10. Love the avatar, Sedge : )

  11. No problem Diane. It's such fun! Thanks.

  12. Hi Inver. Many thanks for the book ring info. It is much appreciated. I'll get onto that as it seems like good fun. I saw your wee postcard in "Tea House". Do I date that or do you? ~ Trish.

  13. Thanks for the info on "Good Faeries" Michaela. I haven't read "Jonathon Strange" yet either. That's another I'd like to try.

  14. Oh good. As I said I liked this one too : )

  15. Hiya LR. Hope you are well. How are you getting on with "Skipping Christmas"? I rather liked this one. An easy wee read. Never read any other Grisham but I believe this one is atypical for him. Pleased for you about the book signing. Nice one :D Regards ~ Trish.

  16. Iagegu: You obviously like reading, now I read you knit too. :ditto: So thought I'd say Hi :006: What do you knit? ~ Trish.

  17. Hi Michaela. :006: Hope you are well. I noticed you are reading "The Good Faeries of New York". I have this on my tbr list so wondered what your thoughts on it are. ~ Trish.

  18. Susie! I love your new avatar. It's so cute! Best Wishes ~ Trish.

  19. Happy Birthday Kylie. Hope you had a GREAT day x

  20. Hi ~ just dropping by to say I like your book choices and I love your avatar. It always makes me smile.

  21. Hi Paula :friends0: I'm fine, thanks. All snuggled up to keep warm. :cold: How are you doing? Have you read "East of the Sun, West of the [what'sit]" yet?

    My daughter highly recommended it to me and I do want to read it but you know how it is "so many books, too little time" :readingtwo: One day ...

    Lovely to hear from you and All the Best! Trish x

  22. Hi Ben. Just read your message about your Auntie. I feel for you all. Kind wishes, Trish (kernow_reader)

  23. Hi Chris and welcome to BCF. I'm asking "that is a Hull City/The Tigers avatar, yes?" Merely because a lady I work with originates from Hull and is always on about them. Thanks, Trish.

  24. Hiya Kate. Hope you are well. Just finished The Outcast, thank you. Do you know where it's next headed? Thanks ~ Trish x

  25. Hi Ann. Long time no talk. Hope you and yours are well. I just *love* your Westie avatar. So So cute!! Is it your dog?