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  1. And what greater role model could one ask for :) In my youth I thought Hanna Barbera was one woman as in Hanna being her Christian name and Barbera being her surname. I'm still as guileless after all these years! :roll:

    Take Care ~ Trish.

  2. Thanks Trish. Hanna Barbera made me the man I am today!

  3. Another good avatar, Sedge.

  4. I got that "Sisters in Arms" book. Now I have to find space to read it ~ ha! Hope you're well ~ Trish.

  5. Hello Trish good to here from you I've been meaning to get in touch and thank you for the book you sent me on book buddy day. I now have a new author who have become a favouirite of mine.

  6. Ohhhh NO : ( I just noticed my avatar as my message went through. I am so sorrry. Mea Culpa.

  7. Hiya Heather. Well Done on giving up smoking! Keep at it ~ Trish x

  8. Sorry for the delay - my broadband's been crocked since Saturday, and they can't fix it properly for another week yet, so my appearances on BCFare going to be a bit sporadic. Yep, I suddenly came over all peace and love the other day, so I thought I'd change the avatar.

  9. Love the avatar! That is so cute!

  10. Hi Trish,


    How are you?


    Thanks for the recommendation, 'The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao' by Junot Diaz sounds a wonderful read :)

  11. Bearing in mind that I have a copy and you aren't going to have a copy for a few days yet, that would be a rash bet for you to take on!

  12. Cheers for that. It does look good and I'm definitely gonna buy it. Regretted not doing so soon as I got home. Bet I can read it before you can even.

  13. Sorry, Trish, haven't read it yet, and I haven't got any immediate designs on it. But it looks a good 'un, so I'd go for it if I were you. Have I ever let you down? :)

  14. Hey there, Roland. How are you? I was just in town looking at that QA Nursing Sisters book you mentioned a while ago. I think I'm gonna buy it next week. Have you read it yet? If so would you be willing to give me your view on it? Thanks, ~ Trish and Jessie's.

  15. Hiya Trish. Just got your message re my avatar. Glad you like him. He is a fridge magnet that I made for a swap :)

    How are you? Your page is very cool!