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  1. Hi PDR, hope you are having a great birthday! :)

  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a fab day.

  3. Hope your having a wonderful birthday PDR :)

  4. :5birthday: I hope you're well. Happy birthday.
  5. Haven't seen you for ages, PDR! Hope you have a good birthday. :balloons:

  6. I miss seeing you around here, I hope is ok.. and you're having a great birthday!

  7. Hope your course is going well. I just thought I'd pop by and say 'hi'. :)

  8. In London! It's been the most insanely busy 12 months. Fulltime Masters programmes in a capital city are intense! Oh I really should come back here...

  9. Welcome back PDR! Where have you been hiding? xxxxx

  10. Oh my goodness!! I can't believe where the time has gone!! How are you all? xxx